Website Review: Resource for free and cheap RV camping

Website Review: Resource for free and cheap RV camping editor Chuck Woodbury talks with Jim O’Briant of about his website and its mission to find and publicize free and …

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  • I've had a subscription to for the past 5 years. It is, hands down, to most up to date and trustworthy source I have ever seen for finding safe, free places to park. The best thing is, it takes the "panic" out of finding a place to park after a long day's drive. Just look in the database for a city … and it will show a map with all the free spots with suggestions and recent reviews from other campers. It shows which Walmarts allow RV's (some don't), rest areas, Flying J's, Cracker Barrels and a zillion more places you would never know about. It's easily saved me a couple of thousand dollars. Sorry for being so enthusiastic … it's just a great site.

  • LOL they collect money for you to initially work for them then they make you pay for what you worked hard for if you don't work hard enough. Wake up people and use your head!

  • As far as I'm concerned, generators, slide outs, jacks, and anything else that isn't just parking does not belong in a business parking lot that is nice enough to let us overnight. Also non self contained vehivles is pushing it. You want to sleep in your car, ok, but if you have an old truck with a couch in the back, you really need to rethink your goals. These things make us all look bad.

  • I understand this man puts a lot of work and time into the website. BUT….I'm looking for free parking/camping because we already have very little money to work with, since we're going to be living in a trailer full time, adding ANY extra expenses hurts us. Every penny counts. I'm guessing we aren't the only ones that feel this way. Surely companies dealing with camping would pay to show ads on his website. Yeah ads are annoying but at least then, everyone that needs the info could access it.