What is it like living in a van with a CAT !?!

What is it like living in a van with a CAT !?!
Living in a van with a cat can be great. In this video I talk about all the ups downs, and all the things to consider when deciding on whither or not to travel with …

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  • I have to leave the place I live and have nowhere to go and I will probably have to do this with my lovely cat. We've been staying in a small bedroom so she might not freak that bad. But how do I have a job and have her in the van? Is there a small way to improve the air flow alot? I'm scared to leave the windows open while in a job but I want her to be happy

  • I will be traveling solo in an extended ford E with 2 kitties. I am hoping for the best- I've installed a ceiling fan and I have good leashes and harnesses- I just love them so much and we are so close. I hope they will be happy

    what brand of food do you buy?

  • Loved watching your video. I had some bad things happen (financially) job didn't start when I expected it to, former landlord files bankruptcy and was evicted -which then when new owner/landlord took over I was expected to pay new deposit and first month's rent and electricity (former landlord's contract included utilities) so under new landlord I was expected to pay all utilities and so I was evicted and moved in with lady I met who turned out to have severe mental issues. Now since my new apartment that I am moving into has a delayed move-in date I need to get out of the place I am staying at. I didn't think it possible to just stay in my car with my two cats -1 weighing 7 lbs and the other 5 lbs. But now I found your video and see that it IS possible although I have a small car and not a van like yours. Any way, thanks for the great video!

  • Your video is really helpful, for me a van might not work as I had hoped. Both cats are feral cats and have been brought indoors. Without going into a lot of commenting, leash training, harness, etc for these two lol, definitely will not work.

  • The problem with cats is that they have no loyalty to people, like dogs. Cats are attached to places, not people. This might hurt your feelings, but your cat couldn't care less about you. If he gets bored with the van one day, he will just walk away and never look back. And you shouldn't worry about what happened to him, because going away what made him happy and excited. Chances are he forgot you after 10 seconds.

  • Hello! I'm an animal practitioner and just wanted to give you a heads up that incense and candles are super toxic to animals (and us). Candles have lead in the wick and incense has been proven to damage your DNA… most of the animals I work with who are really sick, have been exposed to a lot of candles, incense, toxic cleaners, etc… If you want to read more about this or a blog that gives you an alternative, you can do that here http://www.rachelaugusta.com/blog/are-essential-oils-safe-to-use-around-animals

  • That cat looks like the younger twin of my cat (Nala). I got to start walking him now, he was an indoor outdoor cat for 10 human years but now has one working eye so I don't trust him alone outside.

  • Thanks for I he kitty info. I will be living full time in a shuttle bus conversion wit 2 maybe 3 cats in about 5 months. Can't wait to wave goodbye to the sticks and bricks place. Thanks a lot!

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  • I WOULD BE terrified THAT my car would somehow scoot past me out the door and I would lose him forever!isn't anyone else worried about this? Also you have to stay relatively close to a vet in case of an emergency day or night…lots of things can happen that require immediate medical attention. ..?

  • Some people who don't have or want pets make nonstop information-free criticisms: "your home would smell bad!". No matter what you live in, they say that. They are Just Talking, they have no knowledge, and desire none.
    I live with one cat. My house doesn't "smell."
    I've been to people's houses where there were no pets, and they had a smell.
    Peace joy.

  • Thanks for this! Feeling more optimistic about taking my three kitties on the road. I just fear the they'll escape. What brand of harness do you use? Does your kitty ever manager to get out of it? I haven't found one yet that mine can't escape from.

  • On cat food: I would recommend a freeze-dried or air-dried raw cat food because you get all the benefits and nutritional value of raw foods without the mess of carry a wet food or the inconvenience of a frozen raw food. Both last a long time. The freeze-dried foods are also super light weight.

    I'm about to start traveling with my cat and right now I'm working for a pet food retailer so I'm constantly doing research at work on best products/food/litter to take with me. Thanks for the video!

  • Try the Wood pellets, you scoop the poop when they are done and the pellets absorb the pee and theirs barely an odor, the smell reminds me of the way a farm smells or the inside of a feed store. Beats the smell of dirty, clay, litter and the pellets are biodegradable. Thank you for sharing. Happy kitty.