What To Do When In Benson?

A beautiful city of wilderness set in Cochise County, Arizona, Benson is 45 miles from Tucson. RVing in Benson is quoted as peaceful and adventurous, owing to its low population density and clean water. Additionally, the stargazing parties of Benson are also infamous and a must-see for RVers.

What To Do When In Benson?

Hike Kartchner National Park

With almost 60% of the National Park still unexplored, Kartchner National Park is a must-hike if you’re RVing in Benson. These are known for the show caves, each with 2.4 miles of Palaeozoic rocks flanked by the Whetstone mountains. These caves are made naturally out of limestones.

The two public spots in this NP are Big Room and the Throne Room. While the former contains world’s most extensive and exquisite brushite moonmilk, the latter contains a 58m column named after Kubla Khan, the poem.

Go Stargazing!

  • Butterfield Observatory
    A free observatory for all guests, Butterfield Observatory is housed with a Meade LX-200 GPS 16 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain in a dome of 15′ diameter besides the RV resort.
  • Vega-Bray Observatory
    Run by the Astronomer’s Inn, Vega-Bray Observatory houses the Hoot-Vega Radio Telescope. Known as the Sky-Watcher’s Inn a few decades ago, the Astronomer’s Inn has a wide collection of telescopes with sizes ranging from 6 through 20 inches in diameter now!

Go Golfing at San Pedro Golf Course 

With a local course offered as Desert Golfing, the San Pedro Golf Course offers many courses as well as courts with 18 to 27 holes as well! The courts have a yardage ranging  3551 to 7,313 and six distinct tees.


Filled with rolling hills and valleys with the smoothest terrain, there are scores of fun filled activities to indulge in, when in Benson.

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