When You See This RV Dog Rescue, Your Heart Will Melt


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RV dog Rescue

This is the brave dog who was rescued from a deadly RV fire, almost like a miracle!


It was past 03:00 in the evening when a friend (Jim) of the RVer couple Brenda and David, came to their home on wheels.

RV Visit

This footage was taken from the dash Camera of David’s RV and as you can see, the fire is a quite far away and hence, almost impossible to spot.


Having their backs to the rear of the RV, unfortunately, none of them noticed the fire.


This snap was clicked three minutes after the fire and in such a short while, the fire had already become severe!


Almost miraculously, Jim spotted the fire and alerted David. The terrified look on their faces is enough to describe how chaotic evil the fire had become by then.


David rushed out, even without shoes  to the burning RV.

On reaching the RV, he noticed that the owners were not home, as their motorcycle was no longer parked near the RV, unlike their car. This shocked David, because he knew that his neighbours always left their dog in the RV whenever they used the motorcycle! But, being an optimist, David decided to do everything he could to save the dog.


Meanwhile, Brenda rummaged the RV for fire extinguishers …


And, Jim followed David while telephoning the fire station.


With the handful of fire extinguishers that she found, Brenda rushed to the RV.


The white smoke is David’s first spray of the extinguisher liquid on the fire.


He continued non-stop to spray and kill the fire.


Even after finishing three cans of fire extinguishers, the fire did not stopp.


But, luckily the trio found a garden hose and began watering the fire.


That’s when a gentleman RVer rushed to the spot out of the blue and climbed the ladder. Focus on the back of the burning RV and you might catch a glimpse of his silhouette.


By this time, the fire engine had reached the park. They phoned Brenda, asking for the  location of the fire as the park was huge. And Brenda ran to direct the fire-fighters ASAP!


By this time, the gentleman who was on the ladder had now reached the roof of and started trying to hole the roof to let out the smoke!


Fortunately, that’s when the Fire truck arrived.


The rescuers fired water at the flames and finally, killed the fire!


They then successfully scooped this lovely furball out of the deadly embers around him.


This is how the RV looked in the aftermath of the fire.


The fire is thought to have started, from the faulty refrigerator in the RV!

As you can see, this partially burnt hole on the roof helped the smoke to escape and save the dog just in time!


This is the damage caused inside the RV, by the deadly fire.


This place, under the wheels is where the dog took shelter from the fire.

Perhaps, he smelled his daddy on the driver seat and decided it was the safest place!


He looks like an angel, rubbing himself against his daddy and saviours, while trying to say say the best Thank You ever.


This story definitely melted our hearts.

We salute dedicate this story to the brave RV heroes and fire-fighters for their exceptional bravery.


Check out this amazing RV Dog rescue clip below:

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