White Knuckle Drive Over Snowy Monarch Pass in our RV

White Knuckle Drive Over Snowy Monarch Pass in our RV
We drove over 11000+ foot Monarch Pass in Colorado during a snowstorm. Towing a car up a 6% grade in snowy conditions creates some challenges, but the …

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  • I have seen a few comments talking about your chain situation, and you are violation Colorado traction law. The traction law (code 15) requires all motorists to have either AWD/4WD, snow tires with at least 1/8th in. tread, or alternate traction devices such as chains or autosock. The second law which precedes road closure is the passenger vehicle chain law (code 16) which requires every motorist to have alternate traction devices or face a fine.
    Don't be the people who endanger other motorists as well as creating traffic issues.
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  • Most mountain and northern states have chain restrictions. We have been turned back in our pickup because we didn’t have chains even though we had winter snow and ice tires. Though in some southern states we have been waved through without chains because we are from SoDAK.

  • That was scary,even though the camera is no justice to the incline,mainly to the fact that there are no guardrails.Deflating your tires is a good trick to enhance traction in these conditions.

  • The car hanging by a wing and a prayer……I couldn't help but laugh so hard because that is my worst fear ever! If I had been in that car, there would be muddy–looking footprints walking from the car because I would have sh*% my pants.

  • Good video! I’ve driven some of the CO passes, including Monarch. It was summer but snowy at the top. One of the scariest was driving through a snowstorm at night through the Raton pass on the NM/CO border. Not fun!

  • Once you cleared the summit and started down my blood pressure went up a notch! Have a 38' diesel rig….do NOT like traveling in snow or ice. Born and raised in Montana so well adept at driving in it, but still don't like it!….lol….problem was that once you hit the poor conditions you were committed. No turning that rig around.

  • Thanks, loved the vidio and the nararation. We are siting here with 10 inches of wet snow. Were at home today .Will wait until heat of day to see the roads .Were driving a 40 ft 33,k Holiday rambler highwy tires. Our C class Rvs held the road well but havent used the big rig in snow. What tires did you have and length wight are you. Does your RV hold the road? Thanks.Did subscribe, were jumping in september working and traveling on the road. Matt and Eileen

  • Yes, bad decisions made there. That was very close to being a disaster and I feel sorry for the people who chose to ride with you that day.  So you're a pilot and didn't check out the weather thoroughly enough?  Almost hard to believe. You sure you didn't do this on purpose to make an interesting youtube video?

  • i pull our 37' RV with a HD pick up truck. i cancelled our trip west last November 2018 through parts of the country that were experiencing ice storms. i simply informed my wife it is a "no go". We wintered it in Florida instead and will head west earlier this year. "No go is a no go" and the "just gotta get there" just has to wait. Sir, with all due respect, you placed yourself and anyone else on the road that day in danger as they also did with you. You got your home right under your keister. Pull over, set up the rig, make a pot of coffee and relax. i guarantee you, you will eventually get there. Safe travels!

  • Once I crossed Monarch Pass eastbound during snowstorm and it's rough with several inches of snow on pavement, just as it was being closed! East side was bad too, unlike Donner!