Why Go RVing To White Mountains, New Hampshire

Stretching across almost a quarter of New Hampshire, White Mountains is a section of the Appalachian Mountains. With diverse terrains for hiking and even beach camping, an RVer can indulge in many outdoor activities while RVing in the White Mountains. So take a look at the following destinations in the White Mountains to make an RV itinerary ASAP.

CampgroundViews talks about three excuses to go RVing to White Mountains

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Why Go RVing To White Mountains, New Hampshire

1Visit the Record Holding -Mount Washington

Infamous for having World’s fastest Surface Wind Gust, Mount Washington is 6,228 ft long and is the tallest peak in the Northeaster U.S.


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2Franconia Notch State Park can keep you engrossed for weeks

Located in the center of the White Mountains National Forest, Franconia Notch state Park  stretches 8 miles from Flume Gorge until Echo Lake.

3A Natural Gorge called Flume Gorge

Almost covering 800ft from Franconia Notch State Park, Flume Gorge is a natural gorge set in the White Mountains. It is infamous for its natural attractions which includes many canyons and waterfalls.

4Echo Lake Aeasthetics will Stun you

Echo Lake is a 38.2-acre (15.5 ha) water body located in Franconia Notch in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, at the foot of Cannon Mountain.

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With an alpine climate that is extremely erratic, RVing in Mount Washington is a daring trip for most RVers. An infamous hiking trail not to miss while RVing in the White Mountains is the Appalachian Trail. In addition, some activities to indulge, while in the White Mountains include, Hiking, Cycling, Water Camping, Trekking and Boating.