Why I Chose a Leisure Travel Class B RV

Why I Chose a Leisure Travel Class B RV

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Wander Dano

  • Thanks so much for all your helpful information. I just reviewed this an a couple other of your videos about your RV since my search is heating up now. I feel like know more because of your videos. Thanks!

  • great video, I own one after watching your video, I have a 98 leisure travel freedom wide body same color as your love this rv, , I paid 15,000 mint cond, but need a lot of work on the dodge part of it . I put another 10,000 into it. its rock now. shine like new and smell like new. added 2 leaf spring on the rear, new shocks, fix the cruse control, it came without a gen. so I put a rack on the hitch and added a honda 2200, new house air cond. tires, and a few more improvement to it. I was offer 25,000 for it and I turn it down. I was thing about buying a 5 year old class b rv. what stop me dead in my track was no outside storage, I can run 80 mph on the freeway after I improved the springs and wow it rocks.

  • This was a very confusing review. For someone who is trying to buy a class B RV, you really confuse me. In one breath you say it’s all about money and you like all the fancier RVs out there but you can’t afford them so you stuck with the leisure. And in another breath you said the leisure was the best one. So what is the bottom line? If you were a multimillionaire, which RV would you buy?

  • I'm sitting in a Walmart parking lot in West Palm Beach Florida and saw your model RV. Love this model. You give me hope that there will be the perfect RV when I'm ready to buy one. Great information.

  • 🥀Greetings from Saipan😃👍,
    I really admire your RV and dreamed to own one and am gearing up to GET OUT of my Nest here on Saipan and 🛫flying soon n want to explore with you😃👍rving.

  • I have one too and bought it new in 1999 – I LOVE IT!!! Problem I have at this time is that when I moved to Korea when van was transported overseas someone (US or Korean's) have put my babe completely apart so now it is not back to normal as it was but it is still beautiful little home 🙂

  • I totally agree. I have a 1997 Leisure Travel Van with the Dodge 318 engine. Purrs like a kitten. I love everything about it. I spent 6 months renovating it. It has all the comforts we need. Best bang for the buck in today's crazy B class market.

  • Question-in a used RV one does not know what is going to breakdown due to wear and tear-so did camping world tell you where in the USA u can take it for repairs at no cost(warranty)?

  • Thanks, good video. I had to decide, what do I want to do with my RV, where do I want to go and who's going with me. Then I thought thru what my must haves were. Bingo, Class B!

  • I like everything except the aisle shower…. just something about taking a shower in your kitchen area seems… meh… I don't want to risk pubes in my food or humidity steaming the whole van up… i'd rather a enclosed and traditional wet bath. Even if space is less than great because I tend to do more long term camping. Other than that, seems nice.

  • Definitely pays to be patient and shop around. That is a very nicely laid out RV. Good deals are out there, just takes time and some luck to find them. Great video and very informative too! Not boring at all!! Very much enjoyed the tour! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Nothing better than a class b. You can park, go to dinner, go to museums, take in sights, go camping, grocery store. Class A's are just stupid unless you are leaving it somewhere. Nobody with a class A getting 8 or 9 mpg is going to go anywhere on a whim.