Why I LOVE WINTER Camping !

Why I LOVE WINTER Camping !
Can You RV In the WINTER? Yes! Why I love RV’in in the winter…. My names Taylor and everything I own is on wheels. I live in a TRUCK CAMPER full time and …

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Taylor Dzaman

  • My experience well with my whole family In the camper We had a truck camper And we Sleeped in it for 3 weeks This was last year AND I ENJOY IT hopping to do it again this year

  • Where are you camping? I live in Calgary AB and most of the campgrounds are closed and blocked off in the winter. No way you would get a truck or camper in. ????

  • It is peaceful and quiet in the campground in winter. Proper preparation,
    and an abundance of really good firewood and winter camping is just the ultimate outdoor activity. The companionship of a good woman and a loyal labrador make it even more enjoyable.

  • new subscriber saying hi.
    I envy your freedom!!!!
    Constructive criticism?I notice you sometimes struggle with that hatchet you use.Look into "battoning" technique.I feel like it would be better for the type of wood you split.