Why is Wet-r-Dry Asphalt Not Ideal for RV Roof Patching?

No. Wet-r-Dry Asphalt is not ideal for RV Roof Patching. 

What can you use to patch your RV roof? Can you use any kind of patch to reconstruct the roof?
This is a repeated question on many RV forums and here we answer why Wet-r-Dry asphalt is a wrong choice for roof patching.

74255-rv-roof-repairRV Roof Patching

In the due course of time, RV roofs often get damaged because of stagnant water, poked foliage holes and other infestations on its rubber roof. As RVers are DIYers too, it is not a surprise that some RVers posed the question of whether asphalt is safe for repairing your roof.

The truth is, RV roofs should not be repaired with anything other than RV specific-Roof Patch. As asphalt repair can cause irreparable damages to your roof, one must not use it to patch the RV roof at any cost!

According to RV-Roadtrips,

“It’s an absolute must that at least once a year you take an up close and personal look at the roof of your RV trailer or motorhome in order to inspect the condition of the rubber membrane and all possible places water can penetrate the structure”.

So what can you do to patch your RV roof?

Any lap sealant that is self-leveling is ideal to patch your RV roof.

Here, check out a video on using an RV Roof patch kit to RV Roof Patching: 

Check out more videos from the user here.

How to use an RV Roof Patching Kit? 
  • Clean the seamed surface on your RV roof
  • Arrange thick beads of the sealant on the seams or tears on your RV roof
  • The sealant will be spread on its own or self-leveling (gravity), hence, there is no need to spreading it manually as well.

Make sure to seal all seams in your RV periodically. How do you repair your RV roof when seamed? Tell us in the comments below. 😀

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