Winegard RV antenna repair

Winegard RV antenna repair
replacing the crank on our Winegard RV antenna. Easy fix and pretty inexpensive to repair.

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Bobbi Meyer

  • Received undamaged, although I feel lucky for that.>>>    For an item that is both heavy and delicate I expect better packaging. It was in the manufacturers original packaging, I would have wanted more padding and/or a sturdier box. Have not installed yet, but I am replacing this exact unit that was the victim of a untrimmed tree branch at slow speed.

  • Thanks so much. We were able to repair the winder as we couldn't figure out why it wouldn't stay together. What we didn't know was you needed an Allen Key. Thank you again so so much. All fixed now.

  • Thank you, you sweet woman. Mine just popped off when I tried to turn and pull the disk down. your video helped me fix it. Thank you for taking the time to show us.

  • Thanks for the infor…..I had broken my handle and when I took it off, the spring and the inner part came flying down onto the floor. Two minute fix after watching your video as wasn't sure where the spring came from. Thanks again.

  • I have a 1986 Pacearrow the crank arrangement is similar to yours. I went to purchase a replacement crank for my unit because as you said the plastic does get brittle with time. Unfortunately the new crank handle like yours has a hex, in plastic, to accept a hex shaped shaft. This will never fit the old shaft which is round with opposing flat areas to allow the set screw to tighten against. Further, the old crank has a brass metal insert which allows more torque to be applied to hold the crank handle to the shaft. It also costs a little more to produce money Winegard does not want to spend. Another planned obsolescence thing to get people to buy or waste more money from them making Winegard more money. It would appear the old shaft then needs to be replaced with a hex shaft and the worm gear too would now need an internal hex to allow the shaft to fit. I would have preferred a crank handle with a hex metal insert to allow better holding to the shaft also allowing more torque on the set screw for a better hold.

  • This was most helpful. To the point, showed exactly what needed to be done, and covered handle, how to turn, and antenna lubing. I just broke my handle, so glad to know its cheap to replace. I don't know why they don't make it out of aluminum instead.

    Thanks a lot for the great video!! Loved the footage on the storm too!

  • I actually mounted a long-range Wi-Fi antenna to that same unit and can pick up Wi-Fi up to 2 miles away you can listen to radio watch TV stream movies and so long maybe I'll do a video on mine one day cheers