Winter Living in a camper

Winter Living in a camper
We are living in our camper while building our house on 41 acres in the country. We finally had to make some changes around the camper to help withstand the …

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  • Really enjoy your videos. A comment from the peanut gallery. … It may be possible to enclose the trailer shelter with plastic sheeting or something else. That would really protect you guys from the elements. Ultimately enclosing it with the steel siding would be best. Hang in there only about 60 more cold days to go.

  • Great idea of straw bales I know alot of homeowners use bags if leaves around there home during winters. I would go up one more bale right up a bit over window jambs😉

  • I'm just curious, when you have to drain the black and grey tanks do you just keep moving the straw to get to the valves? My husband and I are dealing with this as well.

  • Set a dozen mouse traps under the trailer. Straw keeps your trailer warm but it attracts mice. You may have brought a few home with you, not uncommon to open a bale and they jump out. They like to stay warm also but will thrash your wiring and water lines. Each trap with peanut butter or bacon will have a mouse in it when you move the bales to check the lines.

  • Good morning . Always enjoy your videos . Thought I could offer a few tips for winter Rving . My wife and I have our RV in the southern Adirondacks of New York . We have recently had temps as low as -26 at night recently . Although we only use the RV for extended weekends (every weekend at this point ) We feel we have instituted quite a few innovative ways to get through this arctic grip . We also added hay bales -but we actually pushed them under the camper to fill the void with 1 exception . We left an area proximately 8'x8' directly under the tanks without bales , in this area we added an oil filled radiator (relatively cheap from wally world about $40 ) . We also added a remote thermometer in this area so we can monitor the temp. We then added 2" ridged board around the perimeter (less than $200) . We also removed the door where our water pump is located such as you did to allow heat to enter this area from the living space . Inside the camper we added cheap thin blankets (again from Wally world for $2.50 each ) to each window , also added cheap area rugs to cover the entire floor This helps dramatically . We have bulk storage water tanks them we fill from which we added an agriculture tank heater and we use a small electric pump from Tractor supply to fill our on board tank . (we abandoned using the hose bib on the tank a month ago due to freeze up ) . We also wrapped the discharge gray and black tank valves with heat tape . We had a small freeze up at the valves because I forgot to plug the heat tape in 1 weekend but besides that no problem . The last tip I can add is to check the levels (jacks) especially under the slide out since we had a tremendous frost heave we noticed the slide out was being lifted more than I should have so we actually removed the screw post since the bales are under the slide anyway . This is our first camper and we absolutely love it . Hoping for at least 1 day above freezing in the near future but we love waking up to fresh snow and the temps are really not bad since we found ways to keep the camper from being damaged . Of all the tips I think the oil filled radiator is the best .

  • I am grateful I still had my rental apartment where we could live in with our first born baby during the build of our house so I could take some time finishing our house to 99,5% before moving in during winter time on the 13nd February. It is nice to wake up on the 14th February first time staying in your new home the first night. You never forget.

  • Ask for "coastal" hay it's usually the lowest cost at the zoo we used it for bedding. Alfalfa and Timothy are usually most expensive and was used to feed grazers. Hope this helps. Fantastic homestead enjoy your videos.

  • buddy propane heaters require an external filter to prevent liquid propane entering the heater, no filter, no heat. the liquid propane with ruin the burner on the buddy heater

  • You and your wife are doing the same as Deanna and myself. The RV carport with clear panels is what we have been discussing to keep the wind and weather out but to get solar gain. Nice setup! Many Blessings to the two of you!!

  • I would have bought a few rolls of a thick clear plastic and put it up around the walls of the car port your triler is under. Also the pop outs of those campers let alot of air inside the camper. You can also use the clear plastic and wrap and seal the pop out with a good extrior grade tape. Befor you park your RV place the same plasic on the ground, park the RV then tape the plastic to the lower wall of the RV. Cut holes wher you need them to get to water ect,

  • I ask Camping World to put a a heater underneath my Travel Trailer they told me it would be Dangerous it can catch on fire,when straw bales,would all around,Lucky your travel trailer,did not caught fire yet.

  • It is cheaper to have the propane tanks filled rather than trading them out. Also if you install heated rugs or carpet you will use much less electric for heat.

  • Yes a green house around your camper is a good idea ..will keep the camper warmer and you all in the camper just as the water…i thought there were existing water pipes that were made in purpose for cold weather?…

  • Get some 8 mil plastic and wrap that building. You can lower that car port and wrap it and then use your big heater on the outside. U have a green house brother use it. I bet if you did that you would be able to sleep at night with just a throw on your bed.