Winter RV Camping: How to Do It the Right Way | RV Lifestyle

Winter RV Camping: How to Do It the Right Way | RV Lifestyle
We love to camp in our RV in all seasons and in all parts of North America. Winter camping, in fact, is one of our favorite RV activities and an annual part of our …

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  • You've given me a lot to think about. I got a Roadtrek last Spring, had such a great time breaking it in & getting to know it that I almost hated to Winterize it come November, presuming that would put it out of action until Spring. Never realized that with bottled water & antifreeze you could still use the toilet & even sink in a Winterized RV. Kinda got my schedule filled this winter, but this definitely opens up possibilities for next year (though I'm still not sure how confident I'd be taking the van on really icy roads).

  • Nice to see folks out in the snow. We do winter camp in tents, but looking forward to winter camping in our soon to arrive (we hope) RT Zion when in areas we can drive to. Appreciated all of your tips!

  • Good and timely video it being January!
    However, I'm still waiting for the RV industry — especially Class B makers — to produce a true 4-Season product. With the increasing numbers of people RVing in general, and more looking into Winter camping (as I intend to do also) — PLUS people interested in "off-roading" (boon-docking/overlanding) more, a 4-Season 4×4 Class B (if not an AWD model such as the Winnebago Revel "4×4") would sell well.
    I wish the RV industry would be more forward-looking vs. being reactive (playing catch-up) to what potential buyers/RVers are wanting to, WAITING to buy!
    Happy Travels,
    — BR

  • Wow! I LEARNED something.. As simple as it sounds, I never thought of chasing the drain water with Antifreeze for the Black and Grey Tanks! This Newbee will be all the better when we hit the road with our New To Us Beaver! Thanks Mike & Jennifer for this Great and Easy Tip!

  • How do you get the Reflectix to stay in the windows? Do the Roadtrek's have double pane windows? Have you seen any alternative insulation materials that allow light to pass?

  • Hi MIke – As we just returned from a winter trip, I was quickly reminded of the chassis to-do list for the RV: Don't forget to use all-weather windshield wiper fluid, or de-icer additive for the tank. Also, unless you're sure that you have winter-blend fuel in your van, make sure you put some anti-gel additive in each tank of diesel. Finally – since we leave our Sprinter RV out all year, the windshield wipers tend to weather and split over time. Make sure that those wiper blades are fresh and good for cold travel – cheers!

  • I hope I have the energy to stay half as active as you guys when I retire. I'm not really a winter weather person, but I'd try it. Thanks for another great video!

  • You mentioned it being -21 at one point but the real Temperature was -50 with wind chill. No that is incorrect. Wind chill is a feel like temp, not the real temp. The real temp was -21 with a feel like (wind chill) of -51. Let me give an example. Let's say it is 35 degrees out and the wind chill temp is 25 degree. Water freezes at 32, but it will not freeze when the temp is 35 even with a wind chill of 25 degrees. So again the real temp is what the thermometer says, not what the wind chill is. Thanks for the video.

  • Oh boy this video was a great find. Currently spending a weekend in our travel trailer. Arrived to rain/freezing rain/snow. 14 degrees but we're staying warm and cozy. Thanks for sharing, happy camping.