Winterizing RV Water Lines With an Air Compressor

Winterizing RV Water Lines With an Air Compressor
To keep our pipes from freezing, we winterize the water lines in our RV using compressed air. We’ll still need a couple of gallons of RV anti-freeze, specifically …

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  1. Hey guys — I've got a couple of questions:
    1) You said not to use any air compressor with a tank because of oil. I have a Porter-Cable "pancake" air compressor with a 3.5 gallon tank. It is an "oil-free" air compressor. Would this be OK to use even though it has a tank, but is oil-free?
    2) I also have a VIAIR 450P-RV air compressor, similar to your 400P. I think the difference is that it does continuous service, doesn't have to cool down. It has a lower cfm air flow than your 400P. I don't have an adjustable pressure regulator with a gauge like in your video. I just have your standard Camco 45-50 PSI water pressure regulator. Would just this basic pressure regulator be OK to use?

  2. I notice that in the beginning you attached a water pressure regulator to the blow out plug but then in all the other pictures and videos through the rest of the story you had just the blow out plug inserted in to the air pressure regular and then screwed into the water inlet on the RV. What happened to the water pressure regulator that you showed at the beginning? What part does it play here?

  3. I bought the parts for the regulator. It seems the male fitting is a pipe thread but the threads on the regulator is a type of seal fit. Like for a paint gun. Am I missing something?

  4. After draining the water lines, and hot water heater by gravity, I use a manual hand pump to blow the lines clear, entering by the city water connection. When the lines are clear, I use the same pump to put RV anti freeze in the pipes. Never had a problem in the last 10 years (Temps can go to -30'C).

  5. I'm a bit confused. I watch another video and they used a handpump and pump through antifreeze into the pipes. Is there more than 1 way to winterize such as recommended on this video? Please help anyone. I am attempting to winterize a trailer home.

  6. I live in Southern California so I am naive when it comes to winterizing something. What conditions warrant winterizing? We never get more than a little frost on the grass in the winter.

  7. this is really a great video and I set up my compressor just like yours. One thing I'm wondering about is how you actually get air out of the water pump it doesn't seem to be done by any of these steps?

  8. My Winnebago Manual suggested after draining the tank, to leave the hot water heater tank NOT bypassed to insure the small lines next to the heater are cleared. I confirmed this on the phone with Winnebago. Using a small tankless compressor, I wonder if this would have the added benefit of acting like a compressor tank? Not sure if it would cause any issues?

  9. Is it safe to pump air into the city water inlet and straight through the 12 volt pump? I would be worried that the air pressure at the pumps inlet would be a problem. Does that pump need to be running to allow the air to pass straight through it? GREAT video! Many thanks.

  10. Hey Guys love your videos! Do you have a part number for the pressure regulator you are using? Checked your website and all comments but cannot find it. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  11. One more question for you. When you blew out the ice maker & washer… did you have to also turn on the water pump? I'd be afraid of burning it out, since it's dry. Thanks.

  12. In your video, you used a "pressure regulator" on the end of your Viair. Is this a special "air" regular or could (with the right fittings) use my VALTERRA water pressure regulator?

  13. Just got the viair compressor, going to try it later today( going to bar harbor next week) tires are a little low , looking forward to trying it . Now about the blowout, water pressure regulator and adjustable pressure gauge, where would you purchase them. Are they all on amazon?

  14. Thanks for a great video. Question for you on how to drain or blow out the water pump. In your video, are you using just the pump pressure to push the water from the pump out to the outside shower or are you using the compressed air?

  15. Thanks for the info contained in your video. I recently purchased the VIAIR compressor but I didn't think I could use it for winterizing the RV since it was tankless. Your video makes me rethink this.

  16. If you cover the toilet with clinging food wrap, you'll diminish the smell of the anti-freeze in he RV. When storing in the summer, the wrap will prevent the water in the toilet bowl from evaporating.

  17. Thank you so much, this is our second trailer and it didn't have any of the pumping system to push the antifreeze through the lines like our old one did. This helped me immensely. I was stymied on how to do it and couldn't obtain an owners manual online.

  18. Great video!

    Can you really not use a normal air compressor? Or is this just advertising for viaair? (Don't get me wrong, I have a smaller viaair and love it). But I definitely want to use my normal, larger air compressor if possible.

  19. I am first RV owner. Learned so much from watching your videos on how to take care of RV even before I picked it up 2 months ago. Now winter is coming. In your opinion, do I need an RV cover? Thanks.

  20. My dad taught me to do this at his cabin a few years back. The coldest I've seen it there is -35°C. It was a few years before we perfected the steps though, and it does get interesting when 4 people have no indoor plumbing because it's frozen!
    Great tips and great video.

  21. Peter and John – My wife and I just wanted to say "Thanks" for this tip and the tip of using baby powder on the slides. As we were using these two tips to prep our new RV for the winter, I said to my wife, "Those RV Geek guys are really clever." Thanks for the good information!

  22. I have a keystone outback Terrain 260trs. The water pump and tank under underneath the jackknife sofa. There is a hole cut-out to access what appears to be only one plastic valve that can be turned from the blue line connection to the cross pipe. I guess this is the bypass valve that is mentioned on the video. Our unit does not have any other shut off valves on the supply lines around the tank or supply line underneath the sofa.

  23. This is going to sound like a stupid question probably, but what are you using between the female quarter-inch threaded output side of the regulator, and the female quick connect? Every female quick connect I can find also has a threaded quarter inch end so I have two females and no way to connect them. I called Viair and they acted like I was crazy wanting to do that, but this seems like a very common use….it seems like there just needs to be a threaded quarter inch barrel with one end screwed into the regulator output, and the other end screwed into the female quick connect….can you help?

  24. I purchased a 31 foot motorhome a few months back and was just starting to think about how I was going to winterize. I've been through the anti-freeze route before, and had already purchased the Viair compressor at your recommendation to keep my tires good. Your video on how to winterize with air was thorough, well-explained and exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for doing these…I don't know how many people take the time to express their gratitude, but you surely have mine

  25. I am new to RVING, in fact just bought a small C Class this December 2014, and about to take it out for the very first time ( yikes). I will be going from winterize mode from dealer to use mode and have to winterize it to come back home all in a weeks time. My question is, can you recommend an air compressor that I can use that does not get all the pressure. I just want to use it to blow out my lines so I can come back home. Not air up tires. That will be for a much later date. Not pulling the girl card, but the ignorance card, what can I get that will do the job, without high pressure. Thanks.

  26. My question came from watching video for Winterizing RV and NOT TO USE any on board generator or equivalent, suggesting possible infectious compressor oils or other possible bad air and contaminants. So using BLEACH might assist cleaning and eliminating same contaminants should be then inserted and suggested in the video.


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