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One of the most popular recipes on and highly commented upon during Dutch oven cooking events, the Worlds best Dutch oven Ribs only requires 7 ingredients! Easy to make, This recipe can be used in your home oven or better yet, at camp with your family and friends.

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  • If you did this by putting the dutch oven in a household oven instead of a BBQ (its -10 outside) what temperature do you think would be good?

  • If it takes say 21/2 hrs total cook time, 3/4 hr in you replenished the coals, and said you’d have to do this one more time, my math tells me you had to change out 3.3 times, am I missing something here ?

  • I've used this recipe several times. Totally outstanding. Thanks much. Whatever you do, don't throw out the "slop." Take the leftover meat, remove it from the bones, and re-heat and serve it over steamed rice! It is absolutely wonderful! Use Japanese rice and a rice cooker. It is FABULOUS!

  • I see people using A steel to apparently sharpen A knife. Specially on these cooking shows that are so popular these days!Pretty much every one does it wrong! Even so called professionals.Your not sharpening the knife. Its not A file!! A steel is for keeping A sharp knife sharp!! If your knife is dull it needs to be sharpened on A stone, or by A professional.Proper use is to lightly pull the blade across the steel, keeping the angle the same on both sides. the sound you here if you are doing it right, would be A light ring, or shing sound!!!If you are getting some clacking you are definitely doing it wrong. Theatrics, you know the big flashy show, slashing the blade back and forth real fast! What ever!!!!!!!!!O boy seen some nasty injuries, lots of stitches, and severed tendons!!If your steeling A large knife, steel away from your self, its not A show but A function.35 years as A butcher, still have all my fingers!! Keep safe.