Would We Get a Small Airstream? A Bigger One?

Would We Get a Small Airstream? A Bigger One?
This week we’re answering a question left by a viewer. He asked if our opinion on the size of our Airstream has changed now that we’ve been on the road for a …

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  • You guys are a hoot! Quick question. My husband and I are looking to buy an Airstream and go FT. We love the cold weather esp. snow. How well do AS do in cold snowy weather? Any advice ? Thanks and safe journeys.

  • My wife and I broke every rule in the book buying an RV except 2. We bought used (2017 Dutchmen Aerolite 213RBSL) and we bought small (25’). So the other rules broken were negated by the correction decision to buy a used small TT. So far, we do not regret it. It is just the two of use and we are 55+ so less work, easier setup, etc and the previous owner already repaired the bugs and made some great mods. We are not full-timers but soon to be retirees so cost is a factor. Thank you for the video.

  • Splindide washer/dryer combo is DW’s must have for any RV. I can’t figure out how to fit one in a 28 but the hall closet in the 30 seems roomy enough. Our ‘comfortably big’ 35 fifth wheel with opposing slide outs give us a 15’ wide living area. Too damn big to haul around, definitely cuts into exploring.

  • similar thoughts … my kids have grown up & i don't need a 30' trailer now.. now if you have kids & pets … that's another story, anything less than 30 could be kinda cramped ..? Even with 2 just can''t imagine going below 26' though ..?

  • We started out with a 31’ had it for 10 years, now have a 24’ which is actually 9' shorter overall, 1,000lbs lighter, bigger tanks, and feel we have more room, much easier to tow, much easier to deal with,,,we love it even though it is not an airstream.. great videos! Thanks for sharing!

  • I'm sitting in our 7'x25' (body is 22'), no way would I go more than maybe one foot longer! But this one is 1' narrower than standard trailer, which is 8'. No slides, which I don't like. I'd like a 8'x25', counting tongue. Even 22' would be fine. Just talked to two couples in this RV park, both went from big units to smaller, one a small Class A, other couple went from Class A to trailer, which they like a lot better. I'm for smaller.

  • Great Tuesday Talk! Yup… We are really happy with our 25' Classic. Any smaller would be too small for the two of us (and our cat). Any bigger we wouldn't fit into some of those spots we really want to camp in. Now with the new storage we made up front when we ripped out the sofa (We never looked back when we dropped off that sofa/bed at the San Jose Goodwill!) We've no regrets about our 25' silver girl.
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    Rainey N Mike
    Northern Star Travelers

  • The only 25 model I think you could possible live with is the 25SS which is no longer made and then the rear corner bed is only 54" wide and not a queen but it does have the front lounge and dinette which you would have to remodel. Finding a good used one is rare.We have a 2008 Classic 25fb and the rear dinette wouldn't work for your computer needs. Even the 27FB wouldn't work due to the rear dinette. You could remodel the side couch area for a small desk next the the fridge wall. We had a cabinet built there. Here is my write up on Airforums

    The 28 with the front lounge and dinette could work but you are only saving 2 foot of total length and you'd have to remodel the dinette area again and would have the holdup tables adjacent to a couch like your 30.

    The 25s, 27 and 28 floor plans have smaller freshwater tanks. The 25fb an 27fb have tight bathrooms and not any extra room for your composting toilet. You'd probably have to remove the door.

    The 25rb has a larger bathroom than the 25fb/27fb but the shower seat extends across the whole width making standing in the shower more of a challenge.

    You could get a lift kit like More We Explore for better clearance over rough roads.

    Nope, your 30 is perfect for your needs. If you switched then all the solar and other modifications would have to be performed again.

  • Maybe try renting a smaller trailer than what you have and stay in it for at least a month to get a feel for it and see if you 2 like a smaller space. My husband and I are looking for a motor home now to live full time but we want at least 35 feet, a washer and dryer.and a washroom with at least a shower toilet and sink. New ones are beautiful but our first will be used to make sure this is what we want. I am pretty sure it is as we did live in a 28 foot trailer when we were younger and both loved it. Thanks for all your tips and idea's.

  • Thanks for the recommendations, guys. We love our 25' AS! I have a question for a possible future Tuesday Talk. Who does the driving? We try to stay safe by driving about 2-3 hours per driver, so on long days my husband starts, I fill in in the middle, and then he finishes us out. But I'm terrified just about the whole time I'm driving, even though we plan it so my portions are relatively flat. Do you have suggestions on how to get more comfortable behind the wheel? I wish there was a simulator so that I could know what trouble really feels like and I could learn how to react in a controlled environment. Is there?! 🙂 Any advice (other than just keep doing it) you can share would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • We used to do 5 week road trips in our 1960s 19-foot Airstream. Now that we plan on full-timing, we've stepped up to another vintage unit, but 22-feet. Sure, the height and width are still smaller than modern RVs, but for us it'll mean amenities we've never had, more storage space, and we can still enjoy all those wonderfully twisty stretches of Highway 1.

    There will surely be times when we regret not having a few more feet… but when we're slipping into small campsites that bigger units can't fit in — it'll be awfully hard not to smile and feel like we made the right choice.

  • I am in the market now! Good timing on the video. I am a newbie. I just looked at the Bambi Sport 16 but fell in love with the FC 20; it's me and two dogs to start using for weekender and long weeks. What is the best way to assess your needs? I'm a little overwhelmed other than I know I want an Airstream? Help!!

  • Nice video. We have a 30' and love it and would not go smaller. We know this makes it hard to get into some national parks but that is the price we pay for comfort. Our 30' is very aerodynamic and easy to pull.

  • Great topic – we are in the buying faze and definitely are going to stay in the 30ft and under category. My question is: Where did you get the Wild & Free pillow – love it!!

  • You guys are too cute! 25 is perfect for us too, converting a small bunk house to a designated quiet space. I'm working in a 4×5 space comfortably now but I'm not as tall as Steve! 😊

  • We own a International 25 and love it. It has a large bathroom which I like as well. You should be able to configure a desk area where the dinette is.We are not full timers however. We are sitting in it right now just outside of Kanas City Mo. Please keep these types of videos coming. Lov them!!! Do you use Final Cut on your Mac?

  • So I guess you are saying "size does matter!" Well, we are not anywhere near full timers but are starting off with opposite mindset. Going as small as we can with a Four Wheel Camper( not necessarily the cheapest but surely the very flexible)so we can go almost anywhere. Of course there are trade offs, but we figure we can still add a trailer for gear or amenities if it does not suit us( and/or pull our boat). We looked at everything and thought an airstream was it but decided to try the freedom of not pulling anything first to see if this lifestyle is for us. Plus we can always "hybrid" and get a hotel if desired. Time will tell. You never know until you actually do it.

  • Yes. No shame in not getting it right the first time. We have been Airstreamers for 4 years. We're not full time but out for 3 – 7 days almost every month. We started with a used 25 ft, then couldn't pass up a deal on a new, but last year's model 30 ft. Then figured out it was too much and are happily settled with our new 27 ft. We call her Goldilocks! 🙂 We've been on enough trips to know she is perfect for us. Btw Courtney, I love the cactus pillow on your sofa. Did you knit it?

  • I so agree with you! We should have rented an RV before we bought one but couldn't because of the dogs
    After traveling in a 36ft I can see us getting smaller after they are gone! Also you have us thinking an airstream is the way to go. No hassel with slide outs!

  • Good advice guys. Back in 2000 we traveled from Temple, Texas to Alaska in a 26' trailer. Since we were frequently on the move, the 26' was the perfect size. Now, after selling our 1800 square ft home, our 31' Airstream is our full-time dwelling. We've changed our traveling style to going to a specific region we want to explore and parking for a month in an RV park. For us, this is working well. It saves a lot of money and gives us a chance to really explore the area. We have plenty of space for us and our two Chihuahuas in our big Airstream. Currently, we're in northeast New Mexico. Next stop will be the Rockies in Colorado.

  • My wife and I are just weekenders right now. We started with a 26' class C with no living room slide out. After one year, we just could not take that tiny space any longer. We now have a 35/36 ft Class A. Lots of breathing room. I think, over time, we may look at a 33' but nothing smaller than that. We love day trips for hiking and exploring, but we do not stay outside for a living space. I admire what you have done. Hopefully, we will go fulltime after i retire and then think about constant travel and downsizing.

  • It does appear that a lot of people downsize in order to be more nimble. I think you guys could totally do a 25 footer. We are considering a Winnebago View/Navion which is about 26'.