A Year Long Road Trip For People Who Want 70 Degree Weather Everyday

This year-long journey across the U.S. keeps you at consistent high temperatures.

70 Degree RV Trip
Brian Brettschneider

According to CityLab:

Say you’re a delicate individual who, like a wilt-prone poinsettia, doesn’t do well with temperature extremes. In fact, 69 degrees and below makes you shiver like a soaked kitten, and 71 and above makes you sweat so much you leave a shiny trail of floor-moisture.

Where would you have to run to in the U.S. to avoid these disagreeable temperatures … all year round?

All over the dang place, it turns out. Meteorologist Brian Brettschneider mapped the route that’s likely to keep a body exposed to daily high temperatures of 70 degrees, and it meanders for 13,000-plus miles from the southern tip of Texas up to Alaska and down again to San Diego. Brettschneider explains his thought experiment via direct messages on Twitter:

“I have this obsession with weather perception (remember Seattle raininess and dreary weather?) We use terms like “nice,” “pleasant,” “dreary,” “crappy,” etc. to describe the weather/climate. My perception doesn’t always align with prevailing sentiment. Is a 60 degree day with a few rain showers a “nice” day? What about clear and 10 degrees? Here in Alaska, people complain when it is 40 degrees in January as being too warm. In Phoenix, people start complaining when there are two cloudy days in a row. It is fascinating to me.”

For his data, Brettschneider pulled daily “normal” high temperatures from the National Centers for Environmental Information and Environment Canada. “Normals are a smoothed average of all days between 1981 and 2010,” he explains. He took temperatures from every weather station in the U.S. and Canada and “just connected the dots,” he says. “There were some decisions I made to maximize area and connectivity.”

Forging a route was no easy task, as weather stations hit normal high temperatures of 70 degrees over vast amounts of time and space. This visualization gives an indication of how America’s daily 70-degree highs shift throughout the year:

Are you up for this 70 Degree RV Trip? Let’s hear it in the comments below….


  • I’d Love to do this we’re thinking about trying this as soon as we can afford an RV or win one its on our ASAP Bucket List… really liked to spent the last of our days seeing the US country than just reading about it,we’re also home schooling & raising the grand children the best education with hands on experiences

    • Same here!!! I have been dreaming this dream for a long time and hoping for a soon to be reality next year! I want to relocate and not certain where. My solution to move in to the perfect RV to live in and explore the country to find that place!

      • My husband & I both retired in 2005, and we always wanted to travel, and kept putting it off saying we need to save more money then in 2012 I set for 3 month with my sister while she battled cancer, she lost the battle, this reminded me of how short life on earth really is, so we started downsizing, and finally in 2015 sold our little farm and everything we owned and bought a 5th wheel and have been traveling, staying a month or two at a time in same locations and taking day trips exploring this beautiful country of ours, we are loving it, how long will we continue this? who knows, but we are enjoying life to the fullest.

  • My wife and I had planned to hit the road in November. But due to upcoming surgery, family member health issues, we have to put off our road trip probably until Spring.
    We live in Michigan. we’re retired. So no restrictions there.
    We own a 32 ft 5th Wheel and a 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500HD.
    I’m formerly from Arizona. Deb has never been out west. So want to introduce her to it. Lots of friends and family along the way on my side.

  • How fun this would be to RV all over the USA. 🇺🇸 Certainly an adventure that is on my Bucket List😍

    • We left home last year at the beginning of Feb and returned at the end of August. We travelled to every State ( except Alaska and Hawaii) via our 35ft Class A Gas RV. We stayed a few days to a week in each State. We enjoyed it very much. We came back and sold our home. We started full-time RVing in April 2018. Loving it!!!

    • There are a lot of free and low cost ways to camp. Many out west that you can stay a couple of weeks then move 25 miles to another one. Dry camping or boondocking so you will have to plan to dump your tanks and get food amd water. Plenty of fulltimers living on SS in smaller RVs or even vans or cars.

    • To Joe Hale take this map and transfer the route to a regular map, and you should be able to find the town and the road/route numbers.

  • Planning NH to AB, CN in late June trying to determine best to go the route shown here or a mostly Canadian route? Any suggestions?

    • Hi there
      I’m canadian – our country is beautiful but our fuel is pricey – at least once, coming or gping home, stay south of the border.

  • I would love to do this. On my bucket list! I just don’t think it’s safe to do alone. I need to find a parter😍

  • Might find it a little difficult getting from San Diego on Dec 31 to southern Texas for Jan 1st. I’m willing to try lol

    • You are looking at it the wrong way, from TX he has you going up and east, you would end up in CA in December. 🙂

    • Living in FL, I wondered the same thing, but could be because “70” is not a constant? It does get down to freezing in some northern areas, so you’d have to be further south to get close to 70. *Light bulb moment* fall in Florida is JAM-PACKED WITH TOURISTS already! While it can be done, it can also be very difficult to find accommodations, whether hoteling or camping. And hurricane season ends Nov 20.

  • I am panning on doing something like this, but i want to travel from Maine and go through a lot of the New England States, down to the Carolinas, I am going to stay two weeks or more in certain states, or all, then the following year if things work out do the same thing in the other direction, and then just keep going as long as it feasible, I plan to rent my house out and figure out how far i can go each month, if i have to stay put for another week, o well- but I have monthly income coming in as well, goal would be not to touch it, I am guessing, 1400 a month would be more than enough, well i hope so because thats what im getting for rent, my other funds would be for emergencies, or breakdows, there could be none or there could be alot, but brakes and tires and oil changes would be on the top of that list.

  • what fantastic research!!! here’s another suggestion.. i would like to stay in 70 deg weather AND avoid hurricane/tornado areas. i wonder if this can be worked on??? OR, get in touch with me and i will work on it with your guidance :):):) thank you

    • THIS is a great post! i’ve wondered the same thing–70 degrees doesn’t necessarily mean mild sun & clear skies

  • We are going to take this trip next winter. Going to change up the way this map shows. We are starting down south Nov 11st. We are going around the out side boarder of the US. Will take a year to make the trip. Right now we spend 6 months down south.

  • This is cool, but the first four months are spent in Texas. You’d be a little cold driving through Montana in late September. You’ll also likely run into a snowstorm in Flagstaff (where I live) in december. We just got about 8 inches. Arizona isn’t all hot desert!!! You’ll need to take I-10 instead.

  • According to my precise callqulations which ain’t to precise the 13,235 trip would cost around 11,000 dollars? What think ye? Or more like 15,000

    • There is a group on Facebook that is just women, no kids or men. They have different events and meet up. Looks like fun they are called Sisters on the Fly, once I go full time I will hopefully be joining them.

    • there is also a fb group “Fabulous RVing Women” that is a women’s group only; there is NO MEMBERSHIP FEE & you don’t have to be single, just no men in the group. They also have meet-ups & group activities (that allow husbands/partners & kids). Great group of friendly & helpful women!

  • I love this, I am in AZ and had originally planned to start in June for my year trip but I think waiting the 6 months would be a much better idea. I wish New England were in there somehow, I guess I could always do the 80° map. Thank you so much for putting this together for everyone.

  • My wife and I are planning a similar trip starting in August from Edmonton, AB, Canada. We will be stay mainly in Canada to Ottawa then swing south. This route would help with the southern portion as we may not go to Florida this time (too expensive and too many people doing the same thing). I would just have to switch up the time lines but looks like a good start place.