10 Untold Secrets To Save Money When RVing

According to Ray, the golden truth to get an RVer started on the Save Money campaign, is to remember the bittersweet truth, ‘the more you save, more you travel’! 

See more tips on saving money while full-time RVing from the Browns family.

Save Money

Nevertheless, Saving Money while RVing can be nothing less than grand, if you are smart about certain habits in the RV

Here are our Ten Ingenious ways to Save Money while living on wheels: 

  1. For TV, use Over The Air (OTA) free signals/ WiFi/ Rented DVDs
  2. Take a National and Federal Parks Pass to visit museums free of cost as well.
  3. If you are going to be the customer of any service for an adequate time, initiate negotiations.
  4. Attend RV shows sponsored by RV parks to find jaw-dropping deals!
  5. Whenever something needs a repair, YouTube RV Channels (research) first!
  6. Join an RV forum. Or start a personal website.
  7. Avoid driving through high wind areas, to save on fuel.
  8. Avoid routes with too many stop lights and maintain an average speed of 55mph.
  9. Avoid toll roads (as they charge according to the axel) while planning routes.
  10. Have abundant home-cooked snacks while on the move!

What are your ingenious ways to Save Money while RVing? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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