10 Untold Secrets To Save Money When RVing

According to Ray, the golden truth to get an RVer started on the Save Money campaign, is to remember the bittersweet truth, ‘the more you save, more you travel’! 

See more tips on saving money while full-time RVing from the Browns family.

Save Money

Nevertheless, Saving Money while RVing can be nothing less than grand, if you are smart about certain habits in the RV

Here are our Ten Ingenious ways to Save Money while living on wheels: 

  1. For TV, use Over The Air (OTA) free signals/ WiFi/ Rented DVDs
  2. Take a National and Federal Parks Pass to visit museums free of cost as well.
  3. If you are going to be the customer of any service for an adequate time, initiate negotiations.
  4. Attend RV shows sponsored by RV parks to find jaw-dropping deals!
  5. Whenever something needs a repair, YouTube RV Channels (research) first!
  6. Join an RV forum. Or start a personal website.
  7. Avoid driving through high wind areas, to save on fuel.
  8. Avoid routes with too many stop lights and maintain an average speed of 55mph.
  9. Avoid toll roads (as they charge according to the axel) while planning routes.
  10. Have abundant home-cooked snacks while on the move!

What are your ingenious ways to Save Money while RVing? Tell us your story in the comments below.

  • We pre cook and freeze meals to take with us, always dump and clean the black tank
    At the site instead of paying at a dump
    Station on the way home…we also
    buy the same groceries we would
    Normally have at home -fast food
    Is expensive .

    • Fast food doesn’t have to be expensive.
      Download the apps from fast food places you like.
      Since you can’t use the drive thru with your RV anyway, you and your mate can each use the apps to save twice.

  • Traveling cross country in a small RV we pre cooked meat like hamburgers and brats to just pre heat when we stopped instead of making a fire.

  • I frequent garage sales/estate sales for paper plates and cups. I’ve never paid full price. Same as for plastic silverware.

  • Corp of Engineers operate excellent parks, Sardis lake in Ms is 18.00 per night and half price for seniors, beautiful clean park on the water!

  • Trying to rent a site for our 19ft little trailer . In flordia for a month and can’t find a decent site for less then $1700 I only want. It for a month not a year no state park site either so much for fun in the sun

    • Go to South Texas/Rio Grande Valley. Better weather, better citrus, rent is much cheaper and they love “Winter Texans”. Several “gated” RV resorts to choose from. Search: Mission, TX McAllen, TX Donna, TX Harlingen, TX. 20-50 minutes from South Padre Island/ Gulf Coast. Also, bring your passport and go shopping in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico.

    • Look at Hanna Park near Jacksonville Fla. Nice county park on the ocean. Yes, the state parks fill up months in advance but we have had good luck with county and forest service, I.e. Ocala National Forest. Go to recreation.gov.

    • Also have you joined Passport America? Their rates are 50% off any of their parks. They have lots in Florida and offer extended stay prices.

      • Just check out the campground’s reviews first. And call because rates always seem to be higher than quoted on the website. We have stayed at some that weren’t so nice, one was really bad at $20 per night, which ws the discounted rate.

      • Look at the fine print there are a lot of rules about how much time you can stay and so many days you have to wait to stay at the next park

    • The Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas is very reasonable during the winter months for 55+ Lowest cost of living in the United States

  • Using the appropriate AMSOIL fuel additive and engine and transmission lubricants you will reduce your fuel consumption and general maintenance in your well running RV. In this cold snap you will experience quicker and easier starts which ease the strain on the battery.

    • Coming from a dealer himself . Additives will not save you fuel in fact it’ll cost you more to buy them.
      Can’t afford the fuel don’t buy an rv

  • Be careful and alert…….One time traveling the interstate toll road……at the booth, the guy charged me more than what was posted on the ticket. RV’s do pay more than autos but……the answer he gave me was ………We charge by the height of the vehicle. I paid the fee but I should have documented it and turned him in. Might be a good idea to have a go pro running when you enter a toll booth.

  • The crock pot is our best friend when we are traveling throw a meal in, in the morning and supper is ready when you return from hiking or biking all day.

    • We use our crockpot while traveling. Our rig has an inverter for 120v AC and the crockpot rides along in the sink. By the time we make our afternoon rest stop the rig smells heavenly and dinner is ready when we arrive at our destination.

      • You are the first person that I have come across that uses a crockpot while going do the road! It was my main question to the sales man when we were looking to buy our 5th wheel! As the residential refrigerator runs off an inverter why couldn’t I run a crockpot!🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve also googled but to no avail…….may I aske how long have you been doing your rving crockpot cooking?

        • I use one all the time. Even run the generator if I have 2 going. I make up and freeze some of the bases I use. I brown the Hamburg , mix in the tom paste and freeze, then when needed put tom sauce in crock pot with the frozen pre made and let it cook. You can even add pasta in crock if enough room and liquid an hour or so ahead of eating.

  • There are many free places to camp. There are websites that can be researched. Sure, they may not have any of the amenities, but if you have a generator, what more do you need? We stay for 7-8 days at a time with no hook ups at our favorite crabbing place on the OR coast. There is a dump site, and fresh water for those that might need it. Otherwise, drive, park, put out the TaulGator and enjoy.

  • We find knowing the temperature of refrigerator is important so we put the temperature sensor that normally is hung outside in fridge. That way we can adjust it higher or lower. We bought the clock/temperature gauge at Walnut. It cost less than $10 Plus, Walmart usually has a great RV section.

  • If you are a disabled veteran(30pct or more) in Oregon of Washington, camping in state parks is free. Go online to their website and fill out form.

  • One product that we LOVE are collapsible silicon food storage containers. They “fold” down for storage, pop up when filled, they can go from refrigerator, to micorwave to dishwasher without a problem. They save me so much space in my cooking area! I bought ours from Bullseye and Ferret on Amazon . Check them out. They also have a collapsible colander set that works really well too.

  • April 2016, Sold the House, donated contents, Fulltime RVing, Workamp @ Camp Gulf, Destin Florida, Fhu, Wifi, Park cable, Free laundry, Paycheck every 2 weeks, Monthly expenses – Full coverage insurance on our Class A and car, Groceries, Gas, Cell phones, still plenty left over to put away for RV Maintenance and or Traveling. Best of all, located right on the Beach. LOVING THE FLORIDA LIFE.👍

  • We just took a 2 month trip and I pre-cooked taco meat, Italian sausage, meat ballls & burgers then put enough for a meal in a food saver bag and froze each of them. I use a sharpie to write on the side of the bag what meat it in them. It saved time and money because we weren’t inclined to eat out having our protein already cooked. We also tried to make sure we had what we needed to go with the meals to keep from making trips to the store and picking up unnecessary items. The more times you go to the store the more money you waste. Also KOA campgrounds usually try to sell,you pricey meals and to many people are tired and don’t want to cook so they buy them. If you precook and freeze some food you are less likely to buy them.

  • We love our coffee and find we do not like american coffee. Before we leave in the morning we make apot and put it in a thermos, so when we want to stop at a roadside or a scenic view we can pour ourselves one that we know we will enjoy.

    • We also found we could pull over, put the generator on and make keurig coffee in about 4-6 minutes. Saved a bundle ( money and time) looking for coffee shops