20 Things That Define An Outdoorsy Person

20 Things That Define An Outdoorsy Person1. Camping started in Your childhood

2. You Love Exploring Outdoors With Your Family

File:Hiking at Belle Isle (7488685428).jpg

3. You Love The Dirt In Your Boots After a Long Day Out

2017-05-07_06204. You Never Miss An Excuse To Go Outdoors!

5. You are an Expert at BBQing Outdoors

2017-05-07_06226. You Have A Backpacking Gear That You Inherited From Family

7. You’re Not A Fitness Maniac because Being Outdoors Is Exercise For You

8.You Know the Use of Every Layer Of Fabric In Special Hiking Jacket

9. Outdoor Watching is Your Favorite

10. You Have Spent hundreds and thousands on Outdoor Gear

Magic sunset over sea. Dirt road to the sea
Magic sunset over sea. Dirt road to the sea

12. You are proud to Wear Shorts  Pants

13. You genuinely look for reasons to spend more time outside

14. Vacationing To Your Is All About Outdoor Activities

Dirt road through the forest15. You Used To Climb Trees

2017-05-07_062516. And, now you climb Mountains.

 17. You Know How To Party Out

18. Even When things Turn Out Difficult

Hiking In Rain

19. Walking is the Best Stress-buster of your Life

2017-05-07_062620. The worst shame you feel is when you’re unprepared for a hike or backpacking

What makes YOU an Outdoorsey person? Let us know in the comments below!

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