2018 Front Kitchen Ultra V ROCKWOOD 2618VS Travel Trailer RV Half Ton Towable

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2018 Front Kitchen Ultra V ROCKWOOD 2618VS Travel Trailer RV Half Ton Towable
The Rockwood 2618VS is the “little brother” in the Windjammer family but is an Ultra V unit. Designed to be half ton towable, this little gem is a must see. New to …

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  1. Always enjoy watching your videos guys. I toured the factory in Indiana a few weeks ago and mentioned your videos. They concurred that you guys are great!

  2. Awesome vid once again guys 🙂 Tell Mait he has to do a tap dance on the roof next time 🙂 (will let you decide the out fit 😛 )

    Tom, just make sure you have a safety net.

    In all seriousness, this floor plan is the best that I seen for 2018 so far, in the Travel Trailer models 🙂

  3. You guys are the only ones who consistently demonstrate how the dinnette and couch convert to sleeping spaces. That's very helpful. It's annoying to watch some bloke describe how something converts to a sleeping surface when they could've demonstrated in the same amount of time. One thing I always wonder about is if there's room under the sink for a waste basket. Thanks for being informative as usual.

  4. This is one of my favorite builds I have seen on new models via youtube to work with my 1/2 ton truck. I have one big question about the roof. You stated it was 12 yr warranty, vacuum laminated. Is that a fiberglass roof or a membrane layer? I am new to campers and trying to learn all I can before the wife retires and I fulfill my promise to her to see the country. I am an old retired Army dude but also 20 yrs trucking so kicking myself for buying a gas 1/2 ton instead of a bigger diesel. Too late now for that tho.

  5. Love, love, ♡. This cooch, simple but resealable. The op's even if things break can fix yourself or do without in a pinch. Sturdy but flexible is what this cooch is all about! This is the tiny home of the future holds. ♡


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