2018 Lance 1575 | Travel Trailer – RV Review: Camping World

2018 Lance 1575 | Travel Trailer – RV Review: Camping World
The Lance 1575 is a high quality, extra lightweight couples coach. With a large slide and low profile, this travel trailer is small enough that it’s extremely easy to …

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  • Great video as always, Ian! How much solar is already installed and how much is it wired to handle if one was to upgrade? And what kind of controller does it have?

  • I like the wind sensor feature on the awning. Aluminum wheels not as strong as steel wheels if your in the mountains are rough terrain. Did he say they bolt the frame back together instead of weld? I don't think so. Fail.

  • I own a 2013 model and I am glad they haven't changed anything in 5 years. You know the old saying "If it aint broke don't fix it". Also Mr. Baker does a nice job reviewing the trailer.

  • "Free clock"??….hahahaha……Why stop there? Tell us the oven is "free" too. After all …
    You're a salesman who thinks your potential customers are dumb as a rock. We just love free stuff!

  • Can you add a second propane tank to this unit. I know they have this different cover for them could you add a more traditional cover? Also the same with a second battery? It would be nice to do both if not at least one of these modifications

  • Ian this is yet another superb video…dang just one or two more months and I will be ready to buy a Lance…. probably a 2285 but this tiny 1575 also looks nice and actually carries more propane (20 lbs vs 3 of the 5 lb tanks)…. I would rather buy from you than the dealership here in Maine which seems disinterested in selling. Do you transport them for an out of state buyer?

  • Ian, your walk-though was excellent. You demonstrate superior product knowledge of this trailer. Onc thing you did from get go AFTER you showed the specs and base wight was saying the 1575 comes n aorund 3,100 pounds. Thanks for quoting the realistic trailer weight as optioned.

  • Lance does a nice job on their trailers. When are the manufacurers going to blu-Ray instead of dvd?
    How do they make a make a tankless water heater work? With mine at home, it takes running a lot of water for the sensors to kick in to start heating.

  • Very nice camper. I love that there are several places to put items like long fishing poles and a lot of storage. I also love the slide out in a camper this size and the look and feel of the luxious dinette. Lance went a step above and beyond about something you mentioned, and that is the awening above the slide out. That is so important for all the reasons that you mentioned. NOw, I really liked the video that I watched previously about the fiberglass Airstream, but the Airstream's frig was smaller where this one is bigger. Lance only had a 2 way fridge where Airstream had a 3 way fridge. I liked the bath facilities in the Lance bettter. One thing I would like to see is these manufactures start making these campers a lot more solar friendly. Like adding a small yet expandable solar panel. If they buy in bulk and put them on EVERY camper, it wouldn't add that much to the cost. But then again, most solar crap comes from China and with Trumpty Dumpty's tariffs …. OH well, NVM. Let the China have their solar, I'll cook on wood and sweat ir out.

  • That's the first non-european caravan review I've seen and they're quite different. I do like the "slider" . The "leather " is not to my taste, it's like something my parents might have had in the 1970s. 🙂 Good review though. Graham

  • Nice job, Ian. Q: If a portable solar panel is connected to the outside connector, is that power directed to and managed by the interior controller (assuming the optional solar package is ordered)? Many thanks!