23] How Much Does It Cost To Road Trip The USA? | Abandon Comfort – Cross Country

23] How Much Does It Cost To Road Trip The USA? | Abandon Comfort – Cross Country
Consume Less, Adventure More. You all know the drill! $4000 for 100 days of life-changing freedom. If we can live out our dreams, anyone can. As always, let us …

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  1. I planning on taking my wife on a road trip this summer (end of june and beginning of july) unfortunately hotels is in my budget but from columbus georgia to maine pretty much stopping at Virginia beach, dc, Niagara falls, maine(im ok with ditching that stop if necessary), hershey park pa, new york(4th of july), and making our way back home. First trip on our own considering we are early 20s and im looking at a 3600 budget but id like to comfortably go up there with at least 5k just to be safe. If you have any advice other than the sleep situation id like to hear it. Our first road trip i believe its gonna be fun!

  2. Loving your videos!!! Just looking at the pins in your map, where in Nebraska did you stay. We are from western Nebraska just south of Lexington, your pin looks close!!!

  3. me and my internet friends (ive known them for 3 years but we've never met) are planning a roadtrip during a planned gap year after graduation in 2 years so im prepping myself on info?

  4. I told you some things todo out West on the video when you where in the Tetons video. Also goon highway 95 from Main to South Carolina. There will be a lot of billboards of the South of the boulder which you must see and read all the billboards. Drive through Nebraska through the prairie. Go to the Ohio state falls park it’s in Indiana it’s an ancient coral reef. Go to my home state NC to the Biltmore house. It’s the largest house in America.
    If you go to Alaska goto Whittier there is a great donuts and cinnamon buns at the donut depo. If you go to Valdez they have a neat. History museum you need to check out. Go to Fairbanks they have neat museums. My brother and I saw one owned by the university. That was great. Go to Denali National Park.


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