30K Mile Motorhome Maintenance – Full Time RV

Full Time RV – Ruby heads to Red Bay to have her 30,000 mile maintenance completed. We review some of the items on the check list and which items we need to learn to do ourselves. Good thing we have an emergency fund!

Red Bay Diesel: https://bay-diesel-air-conditioning.hub.biz/?fbclid=IwAR11KpRsDqLJM9jTo0So375ufgdvG5Bt0kpHIdcERfQx5HtZC6LQIQSV-vQ

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  • Is this the first service? I thought with Cummins there is a 15k oil and oil filter and fuel filter service and some basic lube change. Thanks, safe travels.

  • Thanks for breaking down the cost. Something to keep in the back of our minds if we decide to upgrade to diesel. Right now we do most of the maintenance ourselves on our gas coach.

  • Did the mechanics need to do any work inside the coach? I heard that some things can't be done from the outside. Do they work on any diesel regardless of make and year?

  • Just found your channel tonight and y’all are making great videos. Thanks for all the tips (we’re about 4 months out from buying a class A). Idea for a video.. dog info. How did you get your dog use to the rv and travel? Are you nervous leaving your dog in the rv when go out? Thanks again and appreciate all the great info you’re sharing !

  • I have used Bay Diesel once and was very pleased. I will be back to them in August ti have the 30,000 mile service done and Safe T Plus installed. Along with just changing filters and fluids, they perform numerous other checks on the rig that seems to justify the price for me. Great video and happy travels.

  • Why not wait till you had 30K on Ruby? 8K early. Did you have Ruby 3rd party inspected at purchase? Sorry if Y'all covered and I missed. Thx!

  • That was a pretty good price on the service. Next time if you do the oil and fluid checks you'll save a pretty good bit. Happy travels.

  • Relative to your alignment, think of it in these terms.  Your chassis (frame) on Ruby is a rectangular metal box.  There is an imaginary line down the center of the box from front to rear (the centerline of your frame).  In order for your motorhome to go straight without wearing out your tires prematurely, the tires need to roll parallel to this centerline.  In order to accomplish this, the front tires are adjustable (toe) to make them go straight, and the rear tires are also adjustable (thrust angle) to make them also go straight.  Obviously Tiffin did you a top notch job with regards to your alignment.  Now if you consistently monitor your tire pressures and set them correctly according to the corner weights of your motorhome, you should get the maximum safety and tire life out of your tires.

  • As a retired aviation mechanic there are issues with doing the work yourself. Changing oil or any other fluid is messy and what do you do with the waste. Getting underneath the coach to do the work is not easy. Not to mention in most cases RV parks do not let you preform maintenance especially oil changes. This is one of those RV things you have to bite the bullet and get up off of some of that retirement cash. We figure on average 1500.00 to 2000.00 a year for maintenance. By the way we are camped for the winter close to Gulf Shores Al in case you're heading south.

  • Thanks for all the info. We’re at 23k miles too and had maintenance done last month. We’ve only taken Roxy out once for a 10 day 600 mile get-the-bugs-out trip.
    We play the lottery weekly- so when we win, we’ll share a bit with you! 😉

    Hope to see you in the road!
    Cindy and Al