37 Things About Texas, That You Probably Never Knew

1. Texas Owns each plot of Its Public Land, which means that U.S.A needs Texas permission first to build anything on the public land in Texas.

2. Texas capitol is 15 ft higher than the U.S Capitol.

3. It houses World’s Biggest Bat Colony at South Congress Bridge.

4. Texas Star has the biggest Ferris Wheel in the whole of North America.

5. Sam Houston was a native of Virginia.

6. The dinosaur of Texas State is Pleurocoelus

7. Texas has the highest number of Tornados

8. Two United States Presidents were natives of Texas- Lyndon Johnson and Dwight Eisenhower.

9. Amarillo hosts the largest Calf Fry Cooking Duel Annually.

10. Texas Seashell is Lightning Welk.

11. Texas is also known for being struck by World’s worst economic disaster in 1900, due to a Category 4 hurricane.

12. King Ranch, South Texas is bigger than Rhode Island!

13. Maverick from Top Gun is based on a Real Texan Stud named Samuel Maverick from 1800s.

14. In a Norwegian vernacular tongue, Texas translates to ‘crazy’.

15. North America’s 3 Biggest cities (Out of ten) are set in Texas- Austin, San Antonio and Houston.

16. Texas motto is ‘Friendship’.

17. In Texas, if you see a sasquatch, you can attempt to kill him or her on sight.

18. Texas is also infamous for having Houston Comets, who took 4 continuous WNBA Championships.



19.Texas is referred to as the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’.

20. Brazoria is popular as the Bird watcher’s paradise with 400 varieties of birds.

21.The official dish of Texas is a Large Bowl of Hot Chilli.

22. Texas is the biggest source of Crude Oil in America.

23. The speed limit in Texas is 85 mph, the highest in the country!

24. The biggest statue of an American is that of Sam Houston and it stands in Huntsville- A Tribute to Courage.

25. In Galveston, it is considered illegal to unleash a camel on the beach.

26.Texas has highways stretching up to a total of 72,000 miles.

27. The Texas Honorary Rangers are George H W Bush, John Wayne, Chuck Norris and Will Rogers.

28.Rodeo is the state sport of Texas.

29. The etymology of Texas is from Indian Hasini word ‘Friend’.

30. Charles Alderton, a Waco Pharmacist created Dr. Pepper in 1885.

31. Texas has a larger area when compared with Western European Countries!

32. Until 1845, since 1836, Texas was an independent country.

33. BBC Banned the song ‘Deep In The Heart Of Texas’ because the clapping part of the song resulted in negligent employees making fatal errors while working with heavy machinery.

34. Athens in Texas is where the first American Hamburger was made!

35. The oldest law enforcement group of the U.S is Texas Rangers.

36. The official dog of Texas is Blue Lacy.

37. The biggest cave with bats in the world, is in San Antonia- Bracken Cave.

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