4 Places To Go RVing In Wisconsin

Being the nation’s Third Best Tourist place, Wisconsin is the perfect Summer Holiday Package for RVers. In fact, Wisconsin is ideal for RVers with families as it has innumerable family specific campground and entertainment facilities too.


According to Laura Meli, Wisconsin is perfect because

“A day of hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking or swimming (or all of the above). Priceless memories. And best of all, it’s dirt cheap if not free”.

4 Places To Go RVing In Wisconsin 

  • Baraboo Devil’s Lake State Park: The 360-acre lake is surrounded by sandy beaches and hiking trails,just like in the picture below.

  • Black River State Forest: RVers can camp, ski, hike and even hunt while RVing in the green meadows of Black River State Forest.

  • Chippewa Falls: Located in Lake Wissota State Park, a unique aspect of the Falls is its 300-foot beach alongside the 6300-acre long lake. Some activities to do in the area are biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking and horse-riding.

  • Willow River State Park: Located next to Hudson, the State Park is 2,891-acre long, of which the Willow River bears the center stone.


Filled with creeks, falls, rivers and endless campgrounds ‘Perfect’ for RVers, Wisconsin is ideal RVer destination for Summers. Have you gone RVing to Wisconsin?  What are your favorite destinations in Wisconsin? Tell us in the comments below. 😀

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