4 Tips to Enhance your RV Thermostat

From digital to gas, furnace or heater options, there are many types of RV Thermostats to choose from, for a RVer. Furthermore, to use the RV Thermostat to its full potential needs further skills too. To start doing so, check our technical tips on enhancing the output of your RV Thermostats.

RV Four Seasons gives technical Tips to Upgrade your RV Thermostat

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Jason Wynn shares the tips for enhancing the functions of an RV Thermostat for heating and cooling

  • Cranking the thermostat way up when using the heat pump will cause the propane furnace to kick in, now you’re wasting propane and using electricity which is pointless (unless your goal is to heat up the RV as quickly as possible).
  • Many thermostats are setup so both the furnace and the heat pump kick on when you select a temperature that is more than 5 degrees higher than the current temperature.

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Some reasons to upgrade your RV Thermostat from David E. Damouth

  •    The thermostat doesn’t work very well – it’s influenced strongly by the heat from the heating element, and is somewhat unpredictable.
  • The thermostat has substantial hysteresis, so that there is a substantial ambient temperature swing as the heater cycles on and off.

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The electronic thermostats are precise and consistent, compared to the traditional thermostats. In fact, the golden rule is, to minimize damage and also enhance the working of your RV thermostat you must use and do maintenance at regular intervals.

These tips will help you keep your RV Thermostat in great working condition.


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