5 Best Tips for RVing With Friends

Ready to go RVing with your friends? Here are some tips to make it a long lasting memory!

According to libertatemamo,

“For those who’ve never heard the term, “caravaning” means several RV’s traveling together over a period of time. There are big organizations like FMCA, Escapees etc. who organize formal caravans to specific locations (e.g. Mexico is a popular one, especially for first-timers) and then there are informal caravans that happen when RVers meet and either plan or spontaneously decide to travel along together for a while”.

Some things to watch out for when RVing with other RVers are:

  • Be honest and genuine to always offer help and share your amenities
  • Set goals after discussing options with your RVing buds
  •  Have your food and drinks together
  • If you have pets, go for pet dates
  • ‘Jello Planning’ helps to keep things flexible

Here’s a video from technomadia to help you out on everything you need to watch out for when Caravanning or RVing with your RVer friends

Check out more videos from technomadia here.

Do you go RVing with friends? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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