5 Perfect Back Exercises for RVers

RVers are more prone to back pain and spinal problems as they spend more than one-third of the daily hours driving the RV when compared to the general public. In fact, for fulltime-RVers, back pain is an inevitable and unfortunate addition to the otherwise itinerary of endless fun.


According to Mary Zalmanek,

“Researchers found that people who sit more than 23 hours a week are 54 percent more likely to die of a heart attack. They are also more likely to suffer lower back pain. That may explain why my lower back hurts like the dickens when we travel”.

5 Perfect Back Exercises for RVers

  • Stretching: From seated knee-chest stretch to bridge stretches, different stretches provide relief to align the strained back, which occurs due to prolonged driving.
  • Sit Ups: Simple, yet highly effective for the stiffness in your knees after a longer day at RVing.
  • Knee Exercise: Extending your knee to bending and raising it, knee exercises are necessary to relieve stress in abdominal, calf and limb muscles.
  • Wall Push Ups: Easiest yet the most beneficial of back exercises, wall push-ups stabilize the misalignment in your back. It also helps to heal triceps, back and chest of the RVer.
  • Back Stretch: Drop the hands down your knees while sitting on a chair. Rest your head on the knees and begin stretching your back.

Here’s a video from Stefany Adinaro explaining 9 back exercises perfect for RVers

To watch more videos from Stefany, click here.

You don’t need heavy gym equipment to keep your RVing back healthy. In fact, if you have a counter or even a pillar, exercising your back every day is effortless!

Do you do back exercises? Share with us your favorite back exercises in the comments below. 😀

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