5 Tips for Better Campfire Cooking

Summer is the perfect time for enjoying the outdoors. A favorite summertime cooking method for RVers is with campfires. The open flame cooking is versatile and most RVers vouch that it is the safest and the most fulfilling outdoor cooking.

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This is our compilation of 5 tips for Better Campfire Cooking

Better Campfire Cooking

  • Hunter’s Fire Cooking
    In this cooking, the pot, pan or pie iron is kept directly on the fuel and is used exclusively for campfire cooking. Typically, you can keep equal numbers of wood in a V-Shape for both bottom and top layers to cook.
  • Does Open flame mean High-Flame?
    Do not start cooking on a high flame when cooking on a campfire. As the open heat of a campfire is not consistent, your food burns from outside without cooking the insides.
  • Wood and Fuel For Better Campfire Cooking
    Choose untreated wood that is adequately dry. If you start with wet wood, your food will be noxiously smoked.
  • Utensils for Campfire Cooking
    Using utensils that are resistant to the open-flame of the campfire is necessary to safe cooking. Use utensils made of Steel or Ceramic material rather than plastic containers.
  • How to avoid messy campfire cooking?
    Separate your cooking or grilling area and coal making area to opposite sides so that you leave enough room for the coals to warm up while cooking safely beside.

Finally, if you want to impress your friends a tad bit more at a campfire session, you can try spirally wrapping your meat. For example, wrap a cattail or any wild leaf around the fish or meat before grilling. Tighten it with twine to keep the leaves constantly in contact with the meat.

What are your smart ways to Better Campfire Cooking? Tell us all about it in the comments below. 😀


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