5 Tips On How To Make Awesome Foil Packet Recipes

Foil Packet recipes make fixing your meals quick, easy and mess-free. As cooking in foil packets also eliminates cleaning dirty dishes, it is a favorite way for RVers to cook.

What is foil packet cooking? According to bon appetit,

“Making a packet out of foil, filling it with yummy things, sealing it up, and plopping it on the grill”.

5 Tips to Making Perfect Foil Packet Recipes for RVers

  • Wrapping: Double wrap and double fold the edges of the foil without crunching it to give space for the food to cook, expand and room the steam.  This prevents the packet from breaking while on the grill.
  • Size of the Food: Make sure the vegetables and meat are chopped into thin bite-size pieces.
  • Meat On the Bottom: Always keep the meat in the center of the foil beneath all the other food items, as this helps to cook the meat efficiently.
  • Vegetables with Water content: Whenever you use meat in your foil pack meal, toss a water-containing vegetable like a tomato or a cucumber to provide moisture for  the meat.
  • Cooking Spray: Always coat your foil with cooking spray.

Here’s a video on how to fold your foil packets differently for different campfire cooking from Cooking outdoors

To watch more informative videos on outdoor cooking from the user, click here.

Have you cooked these hobo packets while cooking in the outdoors?We would love to hear about your favorite foil packet recipes. Click here to check our favorite three foil packet recipes for you to have a fun-filled RV cooking time!

Tell us about your cooking experience with foil packets, in the comments below. 😀


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