5 Tips to Drive your RV on the Interstate Highways

Most RVers try their best to avoid Interstate Highways, but the truth is if you’re smart about driving on these highways, you can make use of the endless roadside facilities specific to these roads. It is true that traffic is a killjoy in the Interstate Highways for an RVer, but these busiest highways also provide the best of range and connectivity options too.


 5 Tips to Drive your RV on the Interstate Highways

  • Drive on the Right-most Lane: Being the slowest traffic, the right lane is the best option for RVers planning to stop on the roadsides and have a scenic ride throughout.
  • Make Slow Lane transitions: Whenever jumping from one lane to another, make sure that the drivers in your vicinity are signaled well in advance.
  • Install a Fish-Eye Mirror: With an ordinary rear-view mirror, it is hard to spot a tailgater. Using a fish-eye mirror will expand the RV’s view. Alternatively, you can also install cameras and sensors for the same.
  • Engage in Defense Driving: Being RVers, anticipation with respect to the traffic around you is mandatory when on the Interstate Highways. Defense driving teaches you to expect wrongful driving from other drivers so that, you are always alert on the road.
  • Follow the Truckers: For knowing the veteran routes and traffic jams ahead on your route, make sure you tune into CB Radio. Truckers have vast experience about the nature of the traffic on the Interstate Highways.

Check out this brief videos from RV Travel on how to understand the Interstate Highway Signs

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You must always mark interstate highways with a highlighting marker on your itinerary to make sure that you have a good plan for avoiding these as well. Although the roads that touch the horizon might seem tempting, driving a giant rig requires bigger commitments too.

What are your tips on driving better on the Interstate Highways? Tell us all about it in the comments below. 😀

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