5 Utensils To Have In Your RV Kitchen

Utensils in an RV kitchen are important because meals on wheels is a different cooking altogether versus how you cook at home. You should not aim to create a mini-home in the RV. Instead, you should make your RV kitchen packed with utensils that are necessary as well as multi-functional.

Chuck Woodbury shares the best RV Cooking Utensils Ever

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Here are some tips from RV Goddess on 5-Must-Have RV Kitchen Utensils

  • Plastic Utensils: A large clear plastic bowl can be used as a fruit bowl, mixing bowl, popcorn bowl, serving dish, dish pan and a salad bowl. Think how you can get several uses from one item.
  • Spice Rack: After fighting with spice jars rolling around in the drawer, with a spice rack, you can bring 40 different spices and they take up less room than a loaf of bread.
  • Disposable aluminum pans: are really useful when feeding a crowd. They come in every imaginable size at every supermarket, are inexpensive and are recyclable.
  • Crockpot: Again, maybe you think you don’t need a slow cooker in the RV. Think again about being away from your campsite all day on a hike, or at the zoo, or shopping – and coming home to a hot meal.
  • Air Bake Cookie Sheet: Place anything you bake (a pie, casserole, etc.) in the gas oven on top of the Airbake cookie sheet to avoid burned bottoms! Line the cookie sheet with parchment to bake cookies, breads, etc. and you will never have to wash the Airbake pan.

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Karen’s Expert Tips on Essential Utensils to have in your RV Kitchen

  • All of the lids and a metal colander should fit in and on the Dutch oven, and all the other cookware pieces nest together, thereby taking up very little space in the cabinet.
  • Get a good set of pots and pans. If you try to get lightweight ones, it will make you mad when you try cook with them. If you need to conserve on weight, throw out your extra shoes!

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Cooking outdoors or while on the move, is not as easy as home, yet it is more fulfilling. When picking your RV Kitchen Utensils, pick after checking the space and cabinets in your RV prior to billing!

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