6 Steps on How to Install your RV Solar Panel

Solar panel for RV roofs has been a trend for most RVers because of its economical benefits. Not only does it saves you more than the enough RV power you need, but makes you utilize the power from the Sun.

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Here are your 6 Steps to Install your RV Solar Panel:

  1. First is disconnect the coach battery, the shore power cord and DO NOT run the generator.
  2. Cover the solar panel dace with cardboard to prevent a current from being generated.
  3. Find a good mounting location for your solar panel where it is near the wiring.
  4. Seal all four mounting points.
  5. Look for the best location to install your regulator and display panel.
  6. Polarity is very crucial so make that you are connecting them correctly.

Remember that in most RVs the white wires are the negative ones, meaning the ground while the black wires are positive ones. On the solar panel regulator there is a red wire and w black wire. The black wire is the negative connection and the red wire is the positive connection. Once done, you can tell yourself “Done like a Pro”.

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With solar panels on your RV roof not only is it safe and reliable but is also low in maintenance. Enjoy its benefits and more as you take your road trip to contentment with the whole family.

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