6 Tips to Keep Your RV Air-conditioner In Check

From cooling your rig better, to shushing the undue noises from a malfunctioning AC, inspecting your RV Air-conditioner can help your RV  in an unimaginably big way! These are easy inspections to troubleshoot the common air conditioning issues in an RV. Moreover, if there has been regular power fluctuations, chances are your RV AC is damaged already so you might want to take a look!

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Tips to Check and Resolve most RV Air-conditioner issues

  • Check if you tripped the breaker. Invest in a multimeter and test the voltage coming into the RV.
  • If the AC not keeping the air cool in your RV, AC unit could be old or the air filters, fins, and coils are dirty!  This is because a build up of grime can dramatically decrease the efficiency of your AC unit.
  • If you use your AC often, the filters should be cleaned at least once a month. Wash them gently with warm water and let them air dry
  • Find a safe way to climb on the top of your RV’s roof. Unscrew the bolts and detach the shroud from your air conditioner unit and set it aside. Vacum out the dust. Spray the coils with an air-conditioner coil cleaner.

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Here’s some bonus suggestions from Do It Yourself RV on Inspecting your RV Air-conditioner

  • Checking the Thermostat. The first place to look when you notice your RV air conditioner is not working properly is the thermostat. Make sure you have it set to the right temperature. Next, take a look to see if your air conditioner thermostat is powered correctly. If operated by a battery, check to see that the battery is still functioning properly. If operated by a hard wire, check the fuse or the circuit box.
  • Check the Fluids. Take a walk around the condensing unit of your RV air conditioner. Do you see any signs of leaking? If you do see liquids coming out of the condensing unit you likely have a leak with your condensing fluid or freon. If this is the case, you will need to stop the leak and replace the air conditioner fluids appropriately to return the unit to a cold air flow.

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All air-conditioners in an RV are unique and different to the ones used at home. Erstwhile has a closed or hermetically sealed system, which prevents the freons undergoing inspection during maintenance. Furthermore, if there are consistent problems with your RV Air-conditioner, do not delay any further and immediately seek a professional!


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