6 Ways to be Safe while RVing

When living in the wilderness, you should always expect the unexpected. From personal to RV Safety , there are many specific ways to keep safe while RVing.


According to Technomadia,

“The list of risks unique to mobility is actually rather small”.

Personal Safety:

In order to keep yourself safe while on the road, make sure that

  • All your Doors and Windows are latched or locked before you start the RV.
  • Use plastic cash including traveler’s checks more than paper money.
  • Always have an itinerary when RVing to a new place.

RV Safety

Prior to starting your RV:

  • Do you have a Convex mirror on your RV sides to extend your view?
  • When parking, it is better to leave sufficient room around the RV to maneuver it without hassles.
  • Never drive over the bumps on your road at an uneven angle. Drive over them slowly, straight on with both your wheels hitting the bump at the same time.

 Check this video on how to keep you safe in your RV

Click here to watch more videos from the user.

With most RVs in the market having one identical structure for the storage compartment, one way to be secure while RVing is to install locks that are unique.

Do you agree that RVers are attacked frequently? If you don’t, click here to see the viral video-RV Lock Picking in fewer than 20 seconds!

What are your safety guidelines while RVing on the road less traveled?


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