7 Mesmerizing Deserts In Arizona To RV

Deserts are the ideal RV destinations for Winter.

According to Chris Clarke,

“The desert offers winter climates ranging from invigoratingly brisk to just plain warm, and with a little planning you can camp just as comfortably in January as you can in May”.

Here’s our top five RV Deserts- the ideal Winter  destinations for a RVer: 

  1. Southern New Mexico: The sand dunes meets the alpine peaks at the Deserts of New Mexico. 
  2. Arizona:
    Covered by the Sonoran Desert, most of California and Arizona amounts to flat, yet fertile Deserts, perfect for RVing. 
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  3. Panamint Springs, Death Valley National Park:
    California Desert RVing is exceptional at Death Valley National Park owing to its availability of multiple campgrounds. 
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  4. Hole In The Wall, Mojave National Preserve
    Nation’s highest developed campground, at 4,400 ft elevations, Mojave is the perfect desert for Snowbirding in your RV this winter. 
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  5. Tuttlecreek Campground, Owens Valley
    Oneo f the adventurous desert campgrounds, Owens Valley offers the best of scenery Alabama Hills and Mountains till the end of horizon!  
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  6. Anza Borrego Desert National Park:
    With ideal lattitude and a low desert, Anza Borrego Desert National Park is an ideal RV campground. 
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  7. Colorado River Valley:
    Having many campgrounds like Moabi Regional Park and Arlington Mines, Colorado Valley is another fitting snowbirding destination for RVers. 
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Here is a video from RVeCafe of their crew arriving at the Arizona Desert for their favorite winter campsite

Check out more informative videos from RVeCafe here.

What is your favorite Winter desert destination? Tell us in the comments below 😀

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