7 Tips You Must Read Before You Go Boondocking

Some RVers swear by the experience of boondocking. While RVs are obviously designed with campgrounds in mind – after all, they are able to connect to things like electricity and water right at the site – they are just as functional when used out ‘in the wild’. If you have dreams of using your rig for boondocking adventures, you will want to keep the following seven tips in mind.

#1 – Don’t Invade Anyone’s Space

Remember, the other RVs you see out in a boondocking area are there for the same reason you are – they want to get away from people. Don’t pull up right next to another RV and expect a warm response, as you are unlikely to receive one. That isn’t to say that other RV owners are mean, they just don’t want you to invade their territory. Park a comfortable distance away and let them have the same kind of privacy that you desire.

#2 – Take Quick Showers!

Water is one of your most precious commodities when you are boondocking. While we all love to stand in the shower for several minutes to relax, that really isn’t a luxury that you have when you are boondocking in an RV. Get in the water, clean yourself up, and get out as quickly as you can. Also, unless you are being particularly active during the trip, you probably don’t need to shower every day.

#3 – Use Natural Air Conditioning

Boondocking is all about being as efficient as possible. You can turn to your RV air conditioner when the weather requires, but try to use nature’s air conditioning – aka cool nighttime air – to bring the rig down to a comfortable temperature.

#4 – Store Trash Responsibly

You aren’t going to have the luxury of heading to a trash collection site as you would when staying at a normal campground. Instead, you are going to need to collect and store all of your own waste, so it can be disposed of properly when you leave. Keep trash inside to prevent animals from coming around, and never leave it behind when you head home.

#5 – Do Dry Dishes

Whenever possible, wipe your dishes off with something like a paper towel so you don’t have to use water cleaning up. You can always tap into a little bit of water when necessary, of course, but remember to treat that water like the valuable commodity that it is.

#6 – Make a Detailed Meal Plan

So much of successful boondocking comes down to just planning ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute to think of something that you will be able to eat – instead, plan your meals out in great detail and then bring along everything you will need. There are no easy runs to the grocery store when boondocking in a far-off location.

#7 – Use Geography to Your Advantage

As you look for a place to park your RV, take the terrain around you into consideration. Where is the sun going to rise, and where is it going to set? If you like to sleep in, for instance, try to pick a spot which will avoid the bright morning sun. Or, if the weather is expected to be hot, look for a place that will offer some afternoon shade.

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