7 Ways to RVing Cheap

The cost of RV travel is one of the things that keeps some people from getting involved in this lifestyle. While there is no doubt that RV ownership can be expensive, it can also be rather affordable with some smart decision making along the way. If you are willing to make a few sacrifices, you just might find that owning and operating an RV is much more affordable than you previously believed.

Sunset over the seaTo help you enjoy the RV lifestyle without totally blowing through your budget, we have compiled the following list of seven tips.

#1 – Buy Used

One of the easiest ways to get started in the RV world while watching your budget is to buy a used rig. This is a great plan for a lot of reasons. As a new RV user, you might make a few mistakes along the way – so it is good to make those mistakes on a used RV. Also, the upfront cost will be lower, so you can find out if you enjoy RVing before spending the money on a new, fancy unit.

#2 – Cut Back on the Miles

Taking trips that include destinations closer to your home is a classic way to save some money while still having RV fun. You will save money in a number of ways when you stay closer to home, from buying less gas to lower maintenance costs and more. Look around and you might be surprised to find just how many great RV destinations are located near to where you live.

#3 – Travel to See Family and Friends

If you would like to avoid the nightly fees that come along with staying at campgrounds, consider trying to travel with your RV to see family and friends that you don’t often visit. You may be able to park on their property to save money during the stay, meaning you can use your rig without the usual cost of a campsite.

#4 – Keep It Small

It is common for RV buyers to overestimate how much space they are going to need inside of their rig. You are probably buying an RV so you can travel and spend more time outdoors, so avoid the temptation of buying the biggest RV on the lot. Stick with a smaller rig and live the outdoor lifestyle when you travel.

#5 – Bundle Insurance

This is an often-overlooked way to save a small amount of money each month. You are going to need to have insurance in place for your RV, so look into the possibility of ‘bundling’ your RV insurance policy with the other policies you already have for things like your cars and your home.

#6 – Be Efficient with Food

Your RV almost certainly has some form of kitchen included in its design, so be sure to use that kitchen effectively as you travel. Try to plan out a meal list before you leave, and buy everything you are going to need for those meals in advance. By packing properly and being smart with food storage, you can avoid expensive meals out at restaurants during your trips.

#7 – RV Share

If possible, you may want to consider sharing your RV ownership with another family. For instance, if you have a sibling or close friend who would also like to own an RV, you could purchase the rig together in order to split the costs. As long as you build a schedule at the start of each year which outlines when each party can use the RV, this plan can work out beautifully for all involved.

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