7 Ways to Save Money RVing

Do you like to save money? You probably laughed to yourself at that question, as it is a pretty silly one. Of course you like to save money – everyone likes to save money. However, when trying to spend as much time traveling in your RV as possible, it might seem like saving money is an impossible task. That is not the case! There are plenty of ways to save as you travel, as long as you are willing to put in a little effort. The following seven tips will help you to stretch your dollar while living the RV lifestyle.

#1 – Save on Overnight Stops

Along the road, you might wind up spending a night in a location where you have no intention of staying – you just need to get off the road for some sleep before continuing on to your destination. When that is the case, do your best to find either free or cheap places to park. These aren’t going to be spots with great views or anything like that – but that’s not the point. You only need somewhere to get some rest so you can continue the journey safely in the morning.

#2 – Consider Used

If you are just getting into the RV market for the first time, consider buying a used instead of new rig. Many people buy new RVs only to have them sit around while rarely leaving the driveway. It is not hard to find used RVs available near you, and they usually come at a significant discount compared to new.

#3 – Eat in the RV

Your RV has a kitchen, right? Use that kitchen to your advantage by eating as many meals in the RV as possible. Sure, there might be a tasty restaurant just down the road from where you are camping, but that will quickly add to the expense of your trip. Cook your own meals to save money – and most likely calories, as well.

#4 – Repurpose Household Items

There are many things that you use inside your permanent home which you can probably use in your RV also. For instance, if you get a new set of sheets for your bed at home, consider retiring the old sheets into duty on the RV. You won’t have to buy new sheets specifically for the RV this way, and the old ones will probably work just fine.

#5 – Share with a Neighbor or Friend

If you know someone who is also into RV travel, consider going in with them on some equipment purchases and then share the use of the gear. As long as you coordinate so you don’t travel at the same time – or if you do and can travel together – you may be able to get some excellent RV equipment for half of the normal cost.

#6 – Join a Club

There are plenty of RV travel clubs available for you to consider, and some are better than others. Which one is right for you? That’s simple – the one you will use. Check out a variety of clubs and see where they have locations in your region. Choose to join the club which you will be most likely to use in the years to come.

#7 – Travel Light

You really don’t need to load down your RV with every possible gadget and gizmo just to have a good time on your trip. Save money by steering clear of some unnecessary purchases, and reduce your gas bill by traveling with a lighter rig overall.

Let’s hear your tips to save money while RVing….

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