A Day in the life of S & S and the RV Cats: Full Time RV Living

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A Day in the life of S & S and the RV Cats: Full Time RV Living
Barb’s channel – TheOldFarmersWife – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY4mAv_zloLDeUB3GvaZqwA A day in the life of S & S and the RV Cats. Join us in …

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S & S and the RV Cats


  1. Great video Sal.. Sharon, you got your colored pencils going again, how cool is that.. I loved that you shared it! Henry's ears were back, he was not happy going back in that cage was he? Tee-hee-hee! I would like to see how long it takes to get them in there… 😀

  2. ?? I'm getting seasick ??. And we thought some of the highways were bad. Laundry at the laundromat, don't ya love it!
    I was thinking about having you teach me to edit, but decided it's too much work ?. Great job

  3. You should get a panda washer for the RV. Just pour the water in add soap n run on generator! Don't have to spend boring hours in the laundromat..

  4. Lol, you have me so addicted to your videos I went back and watched that video again [where you let the cats out of the cage] I had already seen it and I even remembered it but I still had to watch it..lol! I actually have been going back to your older ones and watching some of them I'm not sure if you can see that or not… I was watching where you got a flat tire on the RV that was pretty scary..

  5. You know you're a fan when you enjoy watching a day of laundry and Wal-Mart shopping. (But….the cats. The cats made it all worthwhile, LOL!) Happy travels! ?

  6. Hi Sharon it's Kendalyn Medver from Creator Fundamentals. I'm here checking out your channel. I ll over what you and your husband are doing. There is so much potential for your channel. I just watched your latest video. I want to watch more to se some of the places you have been. Thanks for being so kind. I subscribed so I will be keeping in touch Kendy

  7. It’s not always fun and games being on the road all the time. After a couple of weeks out I to set up somewhere for at least three days and up to a month to wind down and catch up on to-do’s like laundry, stocking up the pantry etc. life goes on no matter where you are! Enjoy

  8. Ok, I have decided tonight is the night I binge watch all of your videos. I need to start from the beginning. I just realized something. By the time my hubby and I are out RV’ing we will know everything about you, but when we finally run into each other you will know nothing about us! LOL. A girl with a bad back and a handicapped husband can dream can’t she?!? Best wishes from Dallas!


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