A Garden in your RV?

If you think that RVing is just about driving and nature tripping well, gardening is also something that you could be doing. Seriously? Yes, gardening is also one of the fun activities you can do while on the road. RV gardening is actually container gardening, because you have to make use of containers that are applicable for your RV and what kind of plant you want to take care of.

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So you can plant tomatoes, peppers and strawberries too, as well as different kinds of flowers and herbs. With proper care, your container garden will also be something you can share with your fellow RVer’s while camping.

RV GardenWith a mini garden in your trailer, it will balance the nature’s ecosystem inside. It will keep your air fresh, safe for breathing and will lessen the pollution inside your rig. Growing plants is something you can do anywhere, anytime.

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