Accessory Essentials For Your RV

Having multi-functional RV accessories will give you a convenient, safe and stress-free time on the road. Moreover, there are many important things to remember to pick the right accessories for your RV. So, take a look at these tips from veteran RVers to make the most out of your RVing trip with the best tools!

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The Crew at Do It Yourself RV explains the best RV accessories to add to your new RV

  • Mini Solar Device Charger: serve as an inexpensive way to keep devices charged as long as the sun is shining.
  • RV GPS: Most decide on a standalone RV GPS unit that is purpose-built to find routes for you based on the height and weight restrictions of a RV.
  • Cast Iron Cookware: They can be safely used on the stove, in the oven and over any camp fire without risk of damage.
  • Walkie-Talkies- They can help with parking, keeping in touch at large venues, and they’re simply fun to use. Kids love them, too. If you’re in an area without mobile phone service, a two-way radio will still allow you to communicate outside of shouting distance.
  • Temperature Gun: With a temperature gun, recording the surface temperature of RV tires as well as other areas you’d like to detect the temperature of.

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Mark Quasius’s Essential Accessories to Keep in your RV

  • Campground water isn’t always the best in the world. Rust, sediment, as well as bacteria can be pushed through your nice clean fresh water hose and into your RV’s fresh water tank and plumbing system. To prevent this you’ll need a water filter.
  • Dumping can be a messy job if done incorrectly but it’s not all that bad if done using the proper equipment and procedures. For that you are going to need a good sewer hose kit. Sewer hoses are made up of 3″ diameter corrugated plastic material that is reinforced with a metal wire. The hoses generally come in 10′ or 20′ lengths when extended.
  • To protect your RV against brownouts, low voltage, high voltage, lightning hits, surges, and voltage spikes you will need to add a surge protector. A quality surge protector will kill power to your RV if the incoming voltage gets out of tolerance as well as protect against transient surges and spikes.

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If you just purchased a brand new RV, you might misinterpret that your RV needs no additional accessories. The number one tip is to make sure that you have all the basic accessories as aforementioned for a safe and sound RVing.

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