AMAZING “FREE” & Cheap Beach Camping in California , Blown Header Gasket (RV living & travel vlog)

AMAZING “FREE” & Cheap Beach Camping in California , Blown Header Gasket (RV living & travel vlog)
So we did a night free on the Pacific coast highway with no problems and then went to the campgrounds right on the Beach, Broomhill beach at point Mugu, …

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  1. $35 a night for RV.. $12 for the car.
    Some places charge for RV + Trailer + each dog + deposit ($25 on each dog) and if you have a Washer and Dryer in your RV thats $3.00 more each day…. Sounds like a lot of BS in my book..

    If you are disabled you can get a pass that cost $3.50 and gives 50% off camping sites …LINK:
    The site would have been $17.50 a night for me..

  2. My son lives in Camarillo and we always take HWY 1 (PCH) up to Pt. Magu and then over to Camarillo. I have a 30ft Bounder and want to pull a trailer behind it to hold my toys. Surfboards, Paddleboards, Kayak and hopefully a little Fiat or Smart car. The question I have is how is it pulling a trailer and what do you haul around in it.
    As far as that camp ground it is always so windy there and my wife doesn't enjoy being cooped up in the Motor Home trying to stay out of the wind. It can blow pretty hard there. First time I've watched you guys.

  3. Glad you found a place to sit and chill by the Pacific Ocean. 🙂 I've driven past that place more than 5 times and I always see RV's parked up off the highway, and I see them down by where you camped. Now I know, so thanks. Oh, and great news and good work finding a spot in Simi Valley. I'm shocked. Did you do the visitor registration thing with family? I couldn't even find a place to park for 15 minutes there… That Santa Monica Pier spot is where I started my Route 66 vlog series. 🙂 Up there by the ferris wheel where you pointed. 🙂


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