An Adventuresome RV Destination – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

There are tons of RV destinations within the United States. In fact, even if you continued to seek out new destinations on a continuous basis, you would still have a hard time seeing everything the United States has to offer in a single lifetime. With that said, there is even more opportunity for adventure in your RV if you look north to Canada. A country which offers incredible scenery and friendly people, Canada is a worthy RV destination that many American RV owners simply overlook.

One of the top destinations within Canada is the city of Edmonton and its surrounding areas. Edmonton is much farther north than other major cities like Montreal, Toronto, or even Calgary, but the miles will be well worth it when you arrive. A beautiful city with great summer weather, you won’t soon forget your journey to Edmonton.

Edmonton is a Large City with Countless Attractions
Edmonton is a Large City with Countless Attractions

Getting there is Half the Fun

If you are heading north into Canada from Montana (near Glacier National Park), the city of Edmonton is a little more than a five hour drive away. Along the way, you will pass the cities of Calgary and Red Deer, each of which has their own opportunities for sightseeing and exploration. If your goal is to get to Edmonton as fast as possible, this route along AB-2 N is your best bet. However, if you wish to take the scenic route, you can head west to the stunning Banff National Park. From Banff you can drive north to Jasper National Park, and then back east along AB-16 to get to Edmonton. While this path will certainly add plenty of hours to your drive, the amazing scenery is well worth the time.

Can’t Miss the Mall

It might seem a little silly to drive into the north of Canada for a shopping mall, but this isn’t just any shopping mall. The West Edmonton Mall is the largest shopping mall in North America, and one of the largest in the world. It is truly a destination unto itself, even if you have no intention of shopping. More than 800 stores occupy the mall, and over 30 million people come through the doors each year. If you are traveling with children, they are sure to love many of the attractions that have made the mall famous including an amusement park, waterpark, ice skating rink, miniature golf, and more. If possible, build a couple of days into your itinerary to explore everything the mall has to offer.

Other Large City Activities Available

You might feel like you are in a rural area after driving for hours into Canada, but the fact is that Edmonton is a large metropolitan area with over a million residents. Therefore, many of the experiences and opportunities that you would expect to find in a big city are present in Edmonton. Museums, galleries, theatres, and much more can all be found in and around the city. Once you choose a nice RV park to serve as camp for a few days, you can turn your attention to exploring this exciting place during the day before returning to the RV each night.

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