An RV Is the Perfect Beach Companion

Depending on where you live in the country, a trip to the beach is either a regular occurrence or a rare treat. Either way, there is plenty to like about camping at the beach. Between the smell of the salt air and the sound of the waves crashing into the shore day and night, it is a setting that is perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Of course, camping at the beach doesn’t come without its complications, which is why an RV is the perfect companion for the trip.


Unpredictable Elements

Everyone loves a warm, sunny day at the beach – but not all beach days are created equal. It is common to experience a wide range of conditions while at the beach, even within the span of just two or three days. Therefore, having an RV which can protect you from the elements far better than a tent, is a great advantage. A trip to the beach when tent camping could quickly be ruined by an unexpected rainstorm, but you can simply wait out the rain in your RV and look forward to better weather returning.

One of the big concerns when tent camping at the beach is wind. Most coastal locations are windy, and setting up (and sleeping in) a tent during windy conditions is difficult to say the least. While the wind might whistle around your RV a little bit at night, you stand a much better chance to get a comfortable night’s sleep in your trailer or motorhome than when sleeping in a tent.

A Place to Clean Up

Many beach activities involve getting dirty. A fun day on the beach spent building sandcastles, flying kites, and playing with a Frisbee can leave you sweaty and covered in sand. Of course, if you have an RV to go back to, this won’t seem like any big deal at all. You can use your bathroom to clean yourself up before settling in for a nice dinner. When tent camping, you will be at the mercy of the campground facilities in order to clean up. Many campers find that they feel free to let loose and have fun knowing they have many of the traditional comforts of home waiting back at the RV.

Plan a Longer Trip

Since life in an RV at the beach is simply more comfortable than life in a tent, you will be compelled to stay longer when RV camping. Once you find a beautiful ocean-front spot where you can listen the ocean while you cook dinner or read a book, it will be hard to find the motivation to leave. Where you might choose to only stay in your tent for a couple of days, you could easily plan an RV trip to the beach for a week or more.

The point of owning an RV is to be able to experience great places while still living comfortably, and a trip to the beach illustrates that opportunity perfectly. Take your trailer or motorhome to the beach so you can retreat from the elements, clean up after a busy day, and turn a short trip into a long stay. Find a beach RV destination near you and plan your trip right away!

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