Annual RV Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance is a part of life for an RV owner. That shouldn’t be a deterrent to owning an RV – after all, pretty much anything you use on a regular basis is going to require maintenance in order to perform properly year after year. However, you do need to respect the maintenance needs of your RV if you want it to live up to its potential for as long as possible.

annual-rv-maintenance-checklistSome of the maintenance that you will need to do on your RV needs to be done on a regular basis – such as every time that you take your rig out for a trip. This type of maintenance includes checking on the overall condition of your RV, washing it after a trip, oil changes on certain mileage milestones, and more. In addition to those regular points, you are also going to have some yearly maintenance points that you will want to keep track of to keep your rig on track for a healthy life. A few of the important annual RV maintenance points to hit on are listed below.

Care for Hot Water Heater

The hot water heater on your RV should be maintained on an annual basis, with the exact work that needs to be done varying based on the specifics of your unit. Some of the likely maintenance tasks to be done includes flushing the water heater, checking the pressure relief value, cleaning the burner tube, and more. If you aren’t comfortable or capable of doing this work yourself, have it done by a qualified technician at your local RV dealership.

Brake Inspection

You won’t need to do a brake job on your RV every single year, but you do want to check on the condition of your brakes at least annually to make sure they are wearing properly. Obviously it would be a mistake to drive your RV on brakes that are wearing out prematurely, as you need quality brakes to bring a large rig to a safe stop out on the road.

Tire Rotation

Depending on how many trips you take in your RV during the year, and how far you drive during those trips, you may need to rotate your tires on an annual basis. Rotating your tires will help them to wear more evenly, meaning you should get a longer useful life from the set of tires on the rig currently. Failing to rotate tires may force you to buy a new set sooner, which is never a desirable outcome.

Furnace Work

Just as is the case with the hot water heater, you also want to check on the operation and condition of your furnace on an annual basis. If you tend to use your RV during the winter months when the furnace will get a significant workout, you need to make sure it is going to be up to the challenge.

Thorough Tank Cleaning

You should be taking care of your black and grey water tanks on a regular basis, but you should also give them a ‘deep’ cleaning once per year. Using a little vinegar along with some water should do a good job of cleaning out your tanks and lines.

Cleaning the Fridge

It is easy to take your refrigerator for granted when thinking about RV maintenance, but this is another unit that needs attention at least on an annual basis. In addition to cleaning out the interior and wiping everything down, you should also clean the exterior parts that are responsible for the operation of the fridge (including the baffle, coils, etc.).

RV ownership offers the opportunity to have a lot of fun, but it comes along with some responsibility as well. By taking care of some basic annual maintenance points – including those listed above and more – you should be on track to get a productive lifespan from your rig.

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