Another RV’ing Advantage – Bringing the Pets

All pet owners have dealt with the same problem at one time or another – vacation lodging that is not ‘pet friendly’. For those of us who love our pets, half of the fun of a vacation is being able to take our furry friends along for the trip. Without your favorite dog or cat, the time spent away from home just wouldn’t be the same. Of course, an RV solves this problem perfectly. Since you own the RV, you can decide whether or not it will be pet friendly – and that is obviously an easy decision.

Camping with Your Pets is Great Fun
Camping with Your Pets is Great Fun

The first thing to think about when planning a trip with your pet is to confirm that you destinations will permit them on site. While you can obviously decide if you want your pet inside your RV, you will need to let them out from time to time, so staying at an RV park that allows pets is vital. Thankfully, the large majority of RV campgrounds do allow pets like dogs because so many people like to travel with them. Always observe all campground rules related to pets, and be sure to pick up after them at all times. Being a responsible pet owner helps ensure that your pet will be welcome for years to come.

Pack for Your Pets

As you are packing the RV, don’t forget about the needs of your pet during the vacation. Obviously they will need food, and any medication that they take on a regular basis. Also, make sure they have some toys and a soft place to land and call their own. Just like people, pets like to have some quiet time to themselves to rest, so set aside a specific spot in the RV that they can claim. In the case of a dog, be sure to remember a collar and leash that can be used for walks during the day, and any other gear they may have (such as a life jacket for swimming).

Know Where to Get Care

Hopefully, your pet will have no health issues throughout the trip. However, if something should happen where they need urgent care, you will want to know where the nearest veterinary hospital is located. Do this research ahead of time so you can act quickly and get you pet the care he or she needs as quickly as possible. Keep a close eye on your pet, especially early in the trip, to make sure they are adapting comfortably to their new environment.

Traveling with your pet can be a great experience. Instead of taking an afternoon walk to enjoy some fresh air by yourself, you can take your pet along with you for companionship. Not only is it fun to travel with your pet, but it can also be more convenient than having to put them in a kennel for the week that you are gone. Follow a few simple rules and make sure to pack supplies for your pet just as you do for yourself, and you should have a great experience with this part of the RV lifestyle.

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