Anxious When Driving Your RV?

Anxiety arises when you fear something and sometimes that leads to a phobia. When you are driving a normal vehicle, the worry is always there, especially when unexpected moments happen to you on the road. But what if you are driving an RV that is much bigger than a normal vehicle? Scared? Well, don’t be. More so if you already know how to drive, then you need not worry about controlling a camper. You just need a little practice and some tricks to overcome that feeling.

What are the common causes of driving anxiety?

1 DRIVING2There are a lot of factors that trigger RV driving anxiety, but the common ones are:

Panicking while Driving Your RV

“Panic attack!” is the most trivial cause of having anxiety while driving. Once it hits you, you can no longer control the way you think and the way you move. You tend to be disoriented and will eventually put yourself in a very dangerous situation on the road. It will result in you to fear getting in your car and drive again because you will worry that that stressful moment will happen again. The fact of the matter is that because you have that thinking that it will happen again, will eventually make you stress and will never drive – ever.

Life threatening Moments

Tension is also a result of ‘life-threatening’ experiences. Like if you have personally encountered a road accident while you were driving or hearing stories about a deadly road that you are heading to. Those scenarios have a big impact on your anxiety attack when driving.

So, how are you going to deal with it?

1 DRIVING1Face Your Fears

Oh yes, it is easier said than done, and you should have a lot of courage and strong will to do it. Drive again. The moment you start on it never stop until you can tell yourself that “Nah, I’m good, I can handle this.” Because if you can’t get those hands to hold the wheel again, then you can never fulfill your dream of traveling.

Never be the Trigger point

Make sure that you do not cause or add you to your stress. Follow the road rules, check your trailer and do the basics. Never put yourself in a situation you are trying to avoid. That is why you are facing your fear in the first place.

Practice driving safe and slow

Acquiring your RV driving skills means freedom to those who love to drive their RV. So if you find driving a bit nerve racking, drive around a large empty parking lot for awhile, because the longer you drive, the more in tune with your RV, you’ll get, and that helps relieve the stress.

Self Awareness

Be a warning device. If you feel like you are about to panic or anxiety is about to attack you, cool your tension down. If you see yourself gripping on your wheel too tight, or thoughts are starting to wander into terrifying things learn to shake them out of your head and control them. Learn the art of diverting thoughts. Once you mastered it, then RV driving for you is something that you will enjoy.

RV DrivingYou should never linger in fear forever. Don’t let those troubles lure you to not do what you are suppose to do or should do – traveling, driving and RVing can be an enormous amount of fun, just practice and let go of the driving anxiety.

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