Backpacking in an RV?

Backpacking and RV travel would seem to be just about as close to polar opposites as you could find. After all, RV travel is sort of like taking your whole house with you out into nature, while backpacking is minimalist travel at its best. Heading out into the wilderness with nothing but what you can carry on your back makes for a true adventure – and certainly a different kind of experience than what you will find with an RV.

RV travel and backpacking can actually work together nicely.
RV travel and backpacking can actually work together nicely.

However, that doesn’t mean that backpacking and RV travel can’t work together to create some memorable experiences. If you are an RV owner who also enjoys to explore the backcountry, you may wish to use your RV as a way to set up some amazing backpacking trips. By combining the two, you may be able to complete trips that would have been impossible with only one or the other.

Establish Base Camp

To use your RV to enhance your backpacking experience, find an RV campground that is near a trail or wilderness area that you would like to explore. Instead of having to ask a friend to drop you off (and pick you up) at the trail head, you may be able to park your RV for a few days while you are gone enjoying the backpacking adventure. Obviously you will need to pay for your RV parking even while you are away, but being able to return to this ‘base camp’ when you are done with your backpacking trip will be convenient. Whether you are going to head out in the woods for just a night or several nights, the thought of returning to the RV may be able to keep you warm on those cold, starry nights.

Travel Together, and Apart

If you are traveling with friends and family who may not be into the idea of backpacking, you could arrive at camp in an RV and then split up for a portion of the trip. Those who want to go backpacking could head off into the woods, while the others can stay back and relax at camp in and around the RV. This is a great way to blend the interests of various parties in a trip that will satisfy everyone.

Take All of Your Gear

When you start out your trip in an RV, you won’t have to worry about having space to pack everything up before you go. There will be plenty of room in the RV for all of your backpacking gear, so you can take all of the necessary provisions and then load up your pack before you hit the trail. Also, you could even consider a return to the RV after a couple days of backpacking in order to restock for the rest of your adventure.

Backpacking isn’t for everyone, but those who love it could stand to enhance their experience by starting off in an RV. With plenty of space for your equipment, and a soft bed to enjoy when the backpacking part of the trip is over, RV ownership can improve your backpacking experience in many surprising ways.

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