Basic Boondocking Tips & Tricks for Newbie RVers

When you are new to the RV scene, you will probably limit yourself to trips that stay close to the beaten path. For instance, you will probably hit some private campgrounds in popular locations, and maybe a National Park or two. However, with experience comes confidence, and that confidence may lead you to head out for a boondocking trip. Even if you are still a relative newbie in the RV world, boondocking can be a great time. Read on for some basic tips on how you can maximize your enjoyment of the boondocking experience.

Know Your RV

The boondocking experience will be different for different people, depending on the RV which is being used. Generally speaking, people with smaller RVs will actually be able to boondock for longer, since the RV will use less energy on a day to day basis. Of course, those with larger RVs have more storage capacity, so this is a point which cuts both ways. Get to know your own RV before your first boondocking trip and assess its strengths and weaknesses.

Plan Carefully in Advance

You might think of boondocking as an opportunity to just take your RV out onto the road and see what happens. After all, you don’t need reservations, so you don’t need to have any plans, right? Not so fast. You want to know exactly where you intend on going, and how you are going to get there. Some places are open for boondocking, and others are not. Do your research before a trip and have a backup plan in mind in case your first choice doesn’t work out.

A Quick Switch to LED Lights

Did your RV come with LED lights installed? If so, you are all set. If not, consider making the switch as a way to save on precious power while not hooked up to a supply. Every bit of power you save can help you to stay out in a boondocking situation for longer, so don’t overlook something that is so simple and easy to manage.

Leave No Trace

This is classic camping advice, and it applies as much in this setting as it does any other. When you leave your boondocking location, there should be no sign that you were ever there in the first place. Take all of your trash with you, clean up after yourselves, and make the outdoors a better place for the next person who comes to visit.

Use Word of Mouth to Find Great Spots

There is nothing like chatting with other RV owners to find out about great boondocking sites which you might have missed otherwise. Ask around the next time you stay at a formal campground to find out if anyone also boondocks with their RV. Or, you may even be able to get some tips simply by asking at your RV dealer if they know of anywhere you can start looking. Just asking a few simple questions can get you a long way in the RV world.


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